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Summer Wrap-Up

As I write this, it's rained all weekend and it's currently in the 60s outside, so it really feels like summer is over.

And what a summer it was. My sixth (!) in DC! And, it wasn't unbearably hot or humid for a long stretch of time, so it definitely ranks as one of the more pleasant ones in my tenure here.

A bit of a breakdown of the summer:

At one point, I was traveling every two weeks (are we surprised?). Some highlights:

LA/Denver Work Trip: It took three airlines to get there and back, but this was a fun break at the end of June. I went to LA for a media day with our celebrity spokesperson, and then straight to Denver for six days for a conference (plus one more day for fun). I LOVED my time in Denver--the weather was perfect, I adjusted to the altitude (except for stairs, I was winded EVERY TIME), and really enjoyed seeing a lot of the city. But man, at the end of this trip, I was really sick of hotel rooms. Fourth of July in Pennsylvania: Leo and I took our firs…