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The Best Years of Your Life

A few things have been making me think about high school lately. I just saw the movie "Eighth Grade", which is awkward and cringe-worthy but important. It covers a social outcast's (wow, I hate that term, but its the most succinct way to describe her in this case) last week of eighth grade, in a school where's she basically invisible, and dreams about how much better high school will be.

At the same time, I've been catching up on the podcast Still Buffering, and they recently did an episode about high school as the littlest sister on the podcast just graduated. They all agreed that high school was not all the movies hyped it up to be. And that if they were to give a commencement speech, they would say that the best years of life are ahead of you, and to not worry if high school wasn't amazing, the rest of your life still can be.

This made me really happy that I am no longer in that time of my life (and that we didn't have social media when I was that age,…