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What's Been Happening Lately: July Edition

Oh hey! It's been awhile! Let's dive in, shall we?
What I'm Drinking: Rose all day in these parts. I found a sparkling rose in cans at Trader Joe's, which came in handy on a recent tubing trip. Also diving into boxed wine which is a delight when you want a demure crisp glass of wine on a hot day. 
What I'm Loving: The summer weather here. Yes, we've had a few days of unbearable heat and humidity, but they've been short-lived for the most-part. Fingers crossed it stays that way! 
Also, my office is getting remodeled at the moment, so we're all telecommuting until after Labor Day. I am already loving my super casual wardrobe, lack of make-up, lack of commute, and slightly later wake-up time. And I like to think Leo likes having me around too haha.
What I'm Reminiscing About: Summers of yore, when they were full of weddings, lots of trips, and bus parties in Houston. 
What I'm Reading:
Well, a lot of things. But most notably, I just read A Man Called O…