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Travel Tuesday: Take a Seat

The airline I fly the most, Southwest, doesn't have assigned seats. You get a boarding position, but as soon as you're on board, any seat is fair game. I don't mind this, but it really stresses some people out.

In case you were wondering, I have THOUGHTS about seats on planes, and they have changed over the years.

I can never pigeon-hole myself as "aisle-only" or "window-only". This really depends on the flight and if I checked luggage (which I rarely do). Nine times out of ten, I am a window person. I rarely have to get up during a flight, and I kind of hate having to get up for other people. Also, I fall asleep almost instantly, so fellow passengers have the awkward task of trying to wake me up if they need to get out. When am I an aisle person? When I didn't check a bag, it's a short-ish flight and I know upon landing I will want to GTFO the plane. When am I a middle person?. NEVER EVER. I had the great fortune/misfortune of flying in bulkhead…