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Friday Feelings

A bit of a kitchen sink post here. It's Friday, what can I say?

--I dont't generally rejoice at others' misfortunes. But one area I do: parking tickets. In DC, nothing snarls traffic during rush hour like some yahoo parked in a "rush hour-no parking" lane, reducing a two lane road down to one. When I drive by that car, cursing their owner, and see a pink parking ticket, I feel like there is justice in the world. See also: when someone with Maryland or Virginia plates is parked in my neighborhood on our resident-only streets.

--In looking at my closet, I realize that I've taken my last closet purges rather seriously. As in, I don't have that much clothing haha (granted, I still have a lot of clothing, but not nearly as much as I used to!). I had to fight the urge to go on a mini-shopping spree, and instead re-signed up for Le Tote [referral link for a free month]. Le Tote is clothing rental, so I keep items for as long as I want, or send them back immediat…

What's Been Happening Lately

What I'm drinking We're still having winter weather in the DC area (it's April 9, for crying out loud), so I haven't made my transition to white wine yet (nor my spring/summer perfume). So I'm basically vacillating between red wine and light beers. 
What I'm Loving Being a dog mom. Going on three months with Leo in my life and I have few complaints.  
What I'm reminiscing about My first few months in DC. Now that I'm five years in, it's a trip to look back on. We all partied a LOT more, to say the least. 

What I'm Reading I just finished All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai. It's "sci-fi lite", about time travel, when a guy who lives in the futuristic 2016 ends up in OUR 2016 and can't figure out how to fix it. The GoodReads reviews are a bit mixed, mainly from people who wanted more science-y things and less of the human interest aspect. But I enjoyed it a lot. 
What I've been up to For once, not traveling, haha. I didn't se…