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Being a Dog Mom

I've had Leo the dog for two months now. And it's been, actually, pretty great. Not to say we didn't have a few bumps in the road (is he now on anti-anxiety meds? Yes, yes he is). So, this is basically a brain dump about the ins-and-outs of being a dog mom, highs-and-lows if you will.

1. Nothing makes a stranger feel like they can approach someone like a dog. Things people stop me and Leo to talk about:

    --a dog he reminds them of
    --their dog
    --how old he is (I get a lot of "he's going to be big!" He's 6 years old. He's done growing)
    --the breed of dog he looks like (this varies wildly)
    --what owning a dog in DC is like
    --dog park recommendations
    --dog rescue group recommendations
    --not talk about anything, just shriek and coo over Leo

2. I thought I would get annoyed about taking him outside. But, while sometimes our timing doesn't align (like when he wants to go outside but I just got out of the shower), it really …

My Make-Up Routine, Part 2, Night-Out

Part 1, aka the base make-up I wear is here

Now, what if I have a "night out"? Basically, it's everything mentioned before plus:
--Bronzer: I don't have a favorite, I've gotten samples and a few in my FabFitFun box. I'll use this on the sides of my face, sides of my forehead, and under my jawline
--Eyeliner: I swap out my drugstore one for this Marc Jacobs jet black one. It goes on too thick for it to be a daytime one (and black eyeliner is not a good daytime look for me).This was a sample. Don't know that I'll replace it when it runs out as I don't really need this.
--Highlighter: I use a few different thingsas a highlighter, but a sample of this is what got me on the highlighter train. I follow this diagram:

--A Bold Lip: my old roommate (who was a guy) could never remember what this was called, and would say "your intense lip, your serious lip, what's it called?!". My gateway to a bold lip was NARS Charlotte (there's a theme here, …

Monday Rants

I've been off-and-on in a Mood. I blame lack of sleep, cold weather, and feeling like I'm constantly on the cusp of getting sick, but not actually getting sick. So, what better time to rant about things that I'm really annoyed by?

--First, Daylight Saving Time. I KNOW that I like all the extra light in the evening. But when my alarm went off at 7 a.m. today (after I fell asleep after 1 a.m.) and it was PITCH BLACK outside. I never hit snooze, but did this morning.

-- Articles entitled "How to Pack for an XX Day Trip in Just a Carry-On" (examples here and here). Ok, I am a seasoned traveler. I also don't like to carry larger luggage than I need (my mother, on the other hand, would rather take a big suitcase that's half-empty). I don't trust airlines to not lose my luggage (ok, it has happened once, and I can't really blame British Airways because my itinerary got really screwed up, and the luggage was delivered the next day, and Chase reimbursed me…

My Make-Up Routine, Part 1

I was a bit late to the make-up game in life. I went to a private school until high school that said we were not to wear "noticeable" make-up. Well, I don't know if you remember what being a new make-up wearer was like, but I recall really bright eyeshadow and and hot pink lip gloss. So, pretty noticeable. I remember a friend trying to put mascara on me before a seventh-grade dance, and I proceeded to blink super hard and sneeze in her face. So, yeah, make-up and I needed a bit of a warming-up period.

It wasn't until I moved to DC that I even started shopping at Sephora regularly. Before that it was mainly drugstore make-up (which I'm not knocking, there are good products out there) with the occasional high-end item from Sephora (like powder that was $40!). But moving to a place with the humidity of a swamp, as well as being outside and in the elements a lot more, and getting, ahem, older, I decided to slowly upgrade my make-up products and routine.

What spurred …