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January Happenings

If I made New Year Resolutions, I would be failing big time on one about keeping this more updated. But I don't (anymore), so ha!

Anyways, I couldn't let January pass with only a post about my favorite things in 2017. So here's some things happening around here:

--I spent the first weekend of the month as a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's weddings. It was quite the experience (and party). I don't know that I will ever feel more glamorous than I did that day (FYI, makeup that feels like a drag queen at 11 a.m. photographs beautifully at 9 p.m.).

--I got a dog! Leo joined my household two weeks ago, and is the best little snuggler. Dog motherhood is not without it's challenges, but he's cute so that helps. I'm looking forward to him realizing he's in his "furever" home.

--I've spent most of January under the weather. I left Houston with a cold, and have felt exhausted most of the month (wasn't sleeping well either, so that cert…

2017 Highlights

I always like looking back on previous years and seeing the highlights. So, here we go, 2017.

Bests: Book: When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi Movie: The Big Sick and Hidden Figures. Honorable mention: Coco Song: The entire Hamilton soundtrack. And "Despacito" by the Biebs et. al.  TV Shows: Net best: The Americans, as I watched seasons 4 and 5 this year and season 4 is just fantastic. I continued to enjoy Younger. Most surprising show: One Day at a Time (give it a watch!) Meal: So last year's meal was Rose's Luxury in August for my birthday. I'm inclined to say that again, as well as dinner at Bouchon in Vegas for a conference. We all agreed we're going there every year!
Other notable things this year: 42 plane flights (and no lost luggage or cancellations!) 3 new countries (The Netherlands, The Bahamas, and Korea) 3 weddings 2 bachelorette parties 98 classes on ClassPass
10,000 torq points at Flywheel
Saw Hamilton for my birthday

(This wasn't  me th…