2017's Top Travel Moments

I realize that I traveled a lot in 2017 without recapping it here. Perhaps the thought of a full-blown recap for all these trips is exhausting. Perhaps I don't think these trips are especially fun to read about for those who weren't there. Perhaps I'm lazy. You pick.

But, I do want to capture some of what made this year so memorable. I took 42 plane flights, visited three new countries (four if we count stopping at the airport in Tokyo, I do not), and saw countless friends (really, I tried to count them, I failed). So, let's see what the highlights were, shall we?

At the Dora Observatory on the South Korea/North Korea border, gazing out at North Korea

1. Riding an adult tricycle around Key West in January on a cruise with three friends. It was THE BEST.

2. Introducing a co-worker to "Fun Vegas" on a work trip in the span of 4 hours before our return flight. It involved drinks at Chandelier at The Cosmopolitan, visiting The Willy Wonka Slot Machine (it's so fun!), watching the Bellagio fountain show (which did not play my favorite song, sadly), and dinner at Lago at the Bellagio. And we made it to the airport with time to spare!

3. Making friends in line for Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. One was a gal from Atlanta on a river cruise with her fam, and the other three were a mWhile we were only in line for 50 minutes together, we still took a group picture at the entrance to the house.

4. Being Fun Aunt--my friends' kiddos are getting older and are even more fun to hang out with. They remember who I am! They ask about me or mention me when I haven't seen them in months! A few favorite memories: Coop's son asking at bedtime, in the middle of stories, where my car was (Note: I was not there, I hadn't seen him in months), A's oldest telling me I couldn't come to his birthday party (I love that this is the sickest burn in pre-school land and that preschoolers' moods turn on a DIME), A's youngest offering me Goldfish and then proceeding to shove his entire hand in my mouth (there's a whole photo montage that Google helpfully put into a movie!).

5. A night spent at a Korean baseball game, where the beers are massive, the teams have deejays and hype girls, and fans put plastic-bag-hats on their head. It was surreal and hilarious.

6. Listening to "Freefalling" (RIP Tom Petty), specifically the line "I want to glide down over Mulholland" as I turned onto Mulholland Drive in LA. I got chills, guys. Also, in general, realizing that LA is a pretty cool city.

7. Entering the blackjack tournament on the cruise in January, and being the only lady to make it to the finals (I did not win).

8. Navigating the Seoul subway system, It was  DREAM. Subway stops were everywhere (including two right by our Airbnb, on two different lines, so we could get almost anywhere. Everything was clearly labeled, stops were broadcast throughout the train in several languages, and it was air conditioned (a godsend in monsoon season).

So what does 2018 hold in terms of travel? If there's one thing I've learned, it's that I plan spontaneous trips. So, beyond Cruisin' 2.0, nothing else is really booked. Makes me wonder what this post will look like next year!