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2017's Top Travel Moments

I realize that I traveled a lot in 2017 without recapping it here. Perhaps the thought of a full-blown recap for all these trips is exhausting. Perhaps I don't think these trips are especially fun to read about for those who weren't there. Perhaps I'm lazy. You pick.

But, I do want to capture some of what made this year so memorable. I took 42 plane flights, visited three new countries (four if we count stopping at the airport in Tokyo, I do not), and saw countless friends (really, I tried to count them, I failed). So, let's see what the highlights were, shall we?

1. Riding an adult tricycle around Key West in January on a cruise with three friends. It was THE BEST.

2. Introducing a co-worker to "Fun Vegas" on a work trip in the span of 4 hours before our return flight. It involved drinks at Chandelier at The Cosmopolitan, visiting The Willy Wonka Slot Machine (it's so fun!), watching the Bellagio fountain show (which did not play my favorite song, sadly)…

December Odds and Ends

A few thoughts, links to things, and miscellany from this month . . .

1. I recently re-watched Anastasia (confession: I thought it was somehow related to Christmas, it's not. But it is winter in the movie, and there's a song called "Once Upon a December", so I think I can be forgiven). I was both pleased and startled to discover that I remember a LOT of the song lyrics.

2. Speaking of songs, I've added a Christian station in the DC area to my pre-sets because they play a good variety of Christmas music (I need more than Jingle Bell Rock and Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree in my life, which is what the dedicated "Christmas Station" seems to play at least three times an hour). Sometimes, though, the Christian station will only play Christmas music like every third song, and I realize I'm listening to Christian rock/pop. And I don't hate it. Each song is so positive and uplifting. Watch the current world/political climate turn me on to Christ…