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Watch, Drink and Be Merry

I woke up Black Friday absolutely giddy. Why? Not to get the latest deals, but  because I felt like I could finally start watching holiday movies. And not just any holiday movie. The treacly, predictable, emotionally-questionable made-for-TV movies that are in abundance this time of year. I feel like Freeform (fka ABC Family) really got this genre going with movies like Holidays in Handcuffs (not nearly as NSFW as the title suggests), but the Hallmark channel has really embraced it with gusto. This year, they have 21 new movies premiering (this isn't a paid post, though, Hallmark, hit me up!).

After you've seen 10 or so of these movies, you really notice, um, trends. So, to pass the time while watching these flicks, I present the 12 Rules ofHoliday Made-for-TV Movies (Which can also be a drinking game. All rules=one entire drink unless otherwise noted)

1.The movie opens with an aerial or skyline shot of a big city (usually New York, sometimes Boston or Chicago)

2. The protagonis…

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There's much less stress than Christmas, and it's all about being thankful, spending time with folks, and eating. What's not to love?           So I do kind of HATE that it often gets shoved aside for Christmas. When the week after Halloween, Christmas lights are up and people are talking about Christmas trees, I get cranky. Let's enjoy this holiday, amiright?
When I lived in Texas, Thanksgiving was usually spent with family--except for a few years we spent with my dad's boss's family (in retrospect, that was odd . . .). Now that I live in DC, I made the trip back for a few years, but it really became too much holiday travel (and too much time with the 'rents, haha). The past few years I've either hosted Friendsgiving or gone to a friend's family's house and it's been wonderful. 
Found these questions online about Thanksgiving, and thought they were interesting!
How strongly attached to turkey are you? Prett…

What's Been Happening, November 2017

Well here we are--more than a month since my last post, and yet so much to catch up on. Let's get down to it, shall we?
What I'm drinking Basically only red wine. I did have a sparkling rose last weekend at a bachelorette party, and I think I can be convinced to drink it year-round . . . 
What I'm Loving The holiday season. I just returned from my last travel blitz of the year: the weekend before Halloween I was in Houston for a couples' shower for my best friend, from there I went to LA to visit a DC-now-LA friend for a few days, and then to Dallas for my 10-year college reunion. I was back in DC for three days before I went BACK to Texas for said friend's bachelorette party in the Texas Hill Country. I'm so happy to be back in town until Christmas and enjoy Friendsgivings, holiday parties, and sleeping in my own bed. 
What I'm reminiscing about Gosh. Perhaps not that much? Being back on campus reminded me a lot of college, but also how far we've all com…