What's Been Happening, September 2017

What I'm drinking
I'm in the tail end of white wine and rose season, and savoring every last minute of it. Realized that at a wedding over Labor Day weekend, I only drank wine and, um, cocktails (save for maybe one beer?) over a four-day event. We have fall weather here now and red wine season will be upon us soon enough! 

What I'm Loving
I notice that what I said last time I posted this was I was looking forward to being in town for most of the summer. HA! That changed (another post to come on that). But, I'm currently loving Pilates class. The last time I did Pilates was a mat class in college (which I did hungover, thinking it was like yoga--do you remember this, A? You laughed when I said I could do it. It was painful). However, pilates reformer classes have been surprisingly hard and empowering. I swear I can feel myself getting stronger throughout class. And the studio is half a block from my apartment (city living FTW). 

What I'm reminiscing about
Visits to Houston. I feel like every other trip I have coming up when I post is a trip to Houston, home to many college friends and a place I visit at least once a year (and when I lived in Texas, visited 3-4 times a year). Hurricane Harvey's toll on that city is upsetting to see, and while my friends emerged unscathed, thankfully, the city itself has a long road ahead. 

What I'm Reading
Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance. It's a memoir from a guy who's roughly my age who grew up in Appalachia and writes about the lower-class white population around him. I'm at the beginning, but have heard really good things. 

What I've been up to
Ummm, traveling. A LOT. I went to my last wedding of the year over Labor Day in Charleston. Between the end of July through next week, I will have spent 22 nights out of town. In less than two months. However, these trips have been life-giving: bachelorette parties, weddings, seeing friends while traveling for work, and a trip to a new country. 

What I'm Watching
The new season of Younger (which has been good and frustrating at the same time), The Bold Type (a bit of a more relatable Devil Wears Prada show. It's on Freeform), and catching up on Insecure, which I watched a bit when it first came out, but am now really liking. 

What I'm Excited About
Can I share what I'm excited I'm NOT doing? A Whole30 and/or training for a half-marathon. Since 2010, I've trained for a half-marathon four of those years at some point in the fall, so by this time I have a training schedule posted, have mapped out runs on my calendar on my phone, and have a Spotify playlist I am REAL sick of by this point. It's nice to not feel like I NEED to run and stress myself out if a run didn't go well, or it's raining and I can't get my miles in (aren't I making a half-marathon sound like SO MUCH FUN?!).

Since 2013, I've done a Whole30 every September (except 2015). It coincided with the end of my birthday revelry, and the summer in general (and travels over Labor Day weekend which usually involved a lot of food and drink, haha). However, after my last Whole30 (which was my sixth go-round), I don't feel like I really gain anything from the program right now. And I've learned that cutting out entire food groups is not sustainable for me (nor should it be, they don't intend for the program to last your whole life), so I'm figuring out what is sustainable for me.

What I'm Dreading
A few weeks ago, two days shy of my birthday, walking to spin class, I was stung by a bee. FOR THE FIRST TIME (yes, this childhood right of passage evaded me. I was a very cautious child. Who watched "My Girl" too much). Good news: it didn't hurt THAT bad. Bad news: I had an allergic reaction. My throat was itchy for the rest of the day, my arm got red as the day went on, and when I woke up the next morning (after drawing a circle around the red area the night before to see if it spread), my entire inner upper arm (does this make sense? the part that rests against your side) was red and hot to the touch. A trip to urgent care for a shot was all I needed, though it took my skin two weeks to recover. But, this means I'm allergic. So may have to start carrying an epi pen around. I am not looking forward to this.

What I'm Listening to
Well, I've given the Hamilton soundtrack a rest (mainly because a different song is in my head every day), and am honestly looking for some new tunes. For now, I'm just listening to Despacito remixes, ha!

What I'm doing this weekend
A rare weekend in town (rare as of late, haha). Tonight is the going-away party for my second roommate in DC, and then a Nats game on Sunday. 


  1. Hillbilly Elegy was a good read - I'll be interested in your review when you finish it. I love hearing all your DC area things to do, I lived there during college (in Ohio now) and like hearing all of your happenings. I can't get back there enough to visit.

    1. I'm excited to get more into Hillbilly Elegy! And thank you for reading--that was the point of me starting the blog, showing my friends in Texas what DC life was like.

  2. You have been non-stop! Enjoy your week in DC. I didn't make it to a Nats game this year, but they are my favorite.

  3. Ugh, I ended up not going to the game (disappointing because the weather would have been great).


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