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What's Your Island?

Driving to work the other day, I was listening to drive time radio (which I never do, I think NPR was being annoying), and the morning crew was talking about islands--popular tentpoles in pop culture or society that you just can't get on board with but you seem to be alone in your dislike. Some examples: college football (the DJ doesn't understand traveling to games, talking about your team, etc. all for a school you attended once a long time ago), Harry Potter, visiting wineries (apparently they don't like having to drive and paying more for wine. They'd rather just drink wine outside in their neighborhood).

I kind of love finding these things out about people, so here are mine:

Breaking Bad: I tried. I watched more than a season of this show and it just made me so sad. So I finally stopped watching. I can appreciate that it's a well-made show. I even watched the last few episodes. But yeah, no.

30 Rock: I really feel bad about this--I'm sure I'm just missin…

Travel Tuesday: Anatomy of a Travel Blitz

As I mentioned earlier, I had originally thought this would be an "in town" summer. I had some travel planned towards the end, but thought I would spend the majority of my weekends in DC, hanging out with friends. As it turns out, June is the only month of the year I won't be on a plane.

My summer travels:

Dallas Wedding: I've become the master of 36 or less hours in Dallas (having done this three times in the past three months). I had two weddings on the same day, both of close college friends, and both in different states. So, in the middle of July I woke up at 6 a.m. on a Friday for an MRI (good times) (I'm fine), went to the rehearsal dinner for the DC wedding that night, then woke up at 4:15 on Saturday morning to take a 6 a.m. flight to Dallas. Luckily, I am a champ at sleeping on planes, so I logged a good two hours before landing. Spent the morning with my parents and then got my hair done and proceeded to spend the afternoon and evening with a gaggle of co…

What's Been Happening, September 2017

What I'm drinking I'm in the tail end of white wine and rose season, and savoring every last minute of it. Realized that at a wedding over Labor Day weekend, I only drank wine and, um, cocktails (save for maybe one beer?) over a four-day event. We have fall weather here now and red wine season will be upon us soon enough! 
What I'm Loving I notice that what I said last time I posted this was I was looking forward to being in town for most of the summer. HA! That changed (another post to come on that). But, I'm currently loving Pilates class. The last time I did Pilates was a mat class in college (which I did hungover, thinking it was like yoga--do you remember this, A? You laughed when I said I could do it. It was painful). However, pilates reformer classes have been surprisingly hard and empowering. I swear I can feel myself getting stronger throughout class. And the studio is half a block from my apartment (city living FTW). 
What I'm reminiscing about Visits to Ho…