Travel Tuesday: Before I Go

This week's Travel Tuesday is stemming from a fairly terrible Business Insider article I read about what "successful" people do before a trip. It included things like "charge devices" and "double-check reservations". Um. I feel like this is something everyone does before trips. So, here are some perhaps unique things I do before a trip.

Change My Sheets: Clean Sheet Day is the BEST DAY, amiright?! If I'm going to be gone for more than 3-4 days, I change my sheets the morning I leave, so I come home to clean sheets. Coming home is usually a downer, and you're kind of tired, and having clean sheets makes the whole trip back better. 

Take Out the Trash: This should be a no-brainer, but this is kind of necessary. It can take me up to a week or more to fill a trash bag (#recycling #studioliving) and I swear my trash never smells during that time, but whenever I go out of town, it's real necessary. 

Start the Dishwasher: Even if there's like 5 things in there. Start it. Preferably while you're still home but after you're done eating. 

Eat a Meal: I don't care if you're going straight to a Vegas buffet upon landing, eat whatever meal makes sense for the time of day or what is going to go bad in your fridge while you're gone. All it takes is a flight delay or thunderstorm and you're that person fighting a fellow passenger for the last bag of pretzels at Hudson News. But for serious. The day I left for Greece, I originally had an 11 a.m. flight. So I ate a full, hearty breakfast. And when my flight finally took off at 5 p.m., I had not eaten anything else and didn't need to either. I could devote all my time to running from gate to gate, to talking to baggage handlers, to nearly crying on the phone to customer service. 

Do Laundry: You're going to come home with dirty clothes. The worst is seeing the other dirty clothes you have. And then you feel like you have to do laundry right then. Is this just me?

In general, tidy up: Every time I take 30 mins or so to do some light cleaning before I go on a trip, I thank Past Me when I walk into my apartment at the end of the trip. 

Anything I'm leaving out from your pre-trip routine?


  1. I do all of those things too! I also throw out anything in the fridge that may go bad :)

  2. Spot on of course especially re: sheets and dishwasher. I also throw in towels with the sheets. In the days of long distance dating, your routine was standard! (Picture: oh just rolling my suitcase down the hall with my trash to the trash shoot as I leave)

  3. Also I'm on my layover home and already trying to catch up on my blogs.


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