Travel Tuesday: All Hail the Google Doc

I'm in the midst of packing for a spur-of-the-moment international trip, and thought to myself "What did I pack for Greece way back when?" (As in, um, 2015). Then I remembered I made a Google Doc for that trip and dug it out.

Guys. Whatever you do. Make packing lists for big trips in a Google Doc. You'll have it forever and it's great to reference.

I remember that I sent the link to my Greece packing list to more than one friend, both ones going on that trip (at which point, one of my travel companions pointed out I would need more than 7 pairs of undies), and to other people who didn't know where to start in terms of their own trip planning.

So needless to say, I've repurposed this doc for my upcoming trip. The doc is arranged as follows:

Sheet 1: Clothing (really, this is everything you're going to pack that you're going to wear or use to get ready in the morning or at night)
Column 1 (Sections)
Non-Dresses (like shorts and tops)
Loungewear/Activewear (includes pajamas)
Swimwear (includes cover-ups)
Undergarments (includes sports bras, socks)

Column 2 

Column 3 Section

Sheet 2: Carry-On (I had two carry-ons for this trip: personal item and something in the overhead bin)

Tote (personal item): basically everything I would need in-flight, like iPad, chapstick, wallet, sleepmask, snacks, water bottle, etc.

Backpack: a few days' worth of clothes, expanded toiletries, etc.

Sheet 3: To-Do List
Everything from printing things to packing my passport.

I am really impressed with 2015 Me and how thorough she was. I don't need a list like this for your average trip, but am so glad I have this for long-haul/far-away land sojourns. Does anyone else go packing list crazy like me?