Friday Favorite: July Edition--Young, Scrappy, and Hungry

If you know me IRL, you likely know my love of musicals. Movie musicals, stage musicals, High School Musical, I love them all (well, most, I do have standards).

So it may come as a surprise that I wasn't into Hamilton yet. I really wanted to wait and see it "live" before getting all into the soundtrack. I snagged a ticket to a matinee performance next month (purchased in, you know, NOVEMBER, when it first went on sale) and said I would go in "fresh". Many friends tried to persuade me to listen beforehand, but I didn't want anything "spoiled". Finally, my college roommate convinced (hi, Coop!), and I bought the soundtrack a few weeks ago.



It is better than I ever could have DREAMED. And it's all a true story. 

I feel like you can break the wonder that is Hamilton down into two equally impressive components: the story: Hamilton's life, his role in the Revolution and early days of the country, and honestly just the way everything came to be at that time. The second part being the genius that is Lin Manuel Miranda in how he chooses to tell the story. There is literally no dud or filler song. You are entertained and BLOWN AWAY for 2 hours and 40 minutes. I don't know anyone can be friends with him without feeling incredibly inferior. The lyrics, rhymes, music, personality, it's all so catchy, clever, and creative. 

I feel like I will have so much more to say as time goes on--especially after I see the show (and get to be in The Room Where it Happens), but for now, listen to it, and savor it. I've listened to it all the way through about 3-4 times and plan to do so another 3 times at least before I see it. Also, I still cry every time, often at different parts, but also ALWAYS in the last song (oh man, just thinking about it makes me tear up).

Is anyone else obsessed? Have a favorite song? (mine changes with each listen, right now I'm digging Hurricane)? Cry at the finale when Eliza talks about the orphanage?


  1. A: I have not been on your blog since the redesign, I like it.
    B: THE ORPHANAGE. At this point I've been weeping for the past hour or so, and then I just LOSE IT.
    C: On The Room Where It's Happening podcast, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) and the host discussed if Burn or It's Quiet Uptown is the saddest song in the show, and I just think "you people must not have children. The saddest song is clearly Stay Alive (Reprise), because Eliza is watching her son DIE."
    D: Maybe we should save these points for our deep dive into Hamilton discussion? I just felt the need to get them out now.

    1. A. thanks!
      B. If I manage to make it to the last song without crying, the damn orphanage gets me EVERY TIME.
      C. I mean, I find "Satisfied" to be pretty sad too. I feel devastated for Angelica each time.

  2. LOVE this blog topic. My favorites change all the time, but before seeing the show: Schuyler Sisters. Actually I almost cried when I saw it in real life thinking wow, greatest city in the world and I am the luckiest right now. Tears in eyes but didn't fall. AFTER seeing it: Satisfied - the staging during this song is my absolute favorite and I never would have imagined it that way on my own. Nowadays: One Last Time, but maybe its because I love the youtube video of the original cast singing it for Pres. Obama. TEARS from that. Watch this youtube video now.


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