What's Happening, June 2017

I used to do these quarterly, but I see that I fell off on this for the first part of 2017. So, let's hop back in!

What I'm drinking
Since the beginning of 2017, I've given beer a bit of a break. I've noticed when I drink it, I get really congested. So, I'm solidly enjoying white wine season as well as trying other fun summer cocktails. I've also really upped my coffee game. I bought a French press and make coffee in that almost every day. I've also branched into bulletproof coffee (may post about this later). I've never owned a coffee maker before (hmmm, may have had a one-cup one my last year in Dallas? Rarely used it?), but like the French press process and adding in things like cinnamon and cocoa. 

What I'm Loving
Being in town for most of the summer. Yes, I love my travel, but there's something so freeing about having a summer stretch in front of you full of spontaneous possibilities. I recently left my dating apps and was feeling overprogrammed about a lot of things, so I'm striving for a simpler life for the next few months. I have one trip out of town at the moment (for a wedding for 36 hours) until mid-August and couldn't be happier about it.

What I'm reminiscing about
Gosh, so many things. Last Saturday was the birthday of one of my best guy friends from college, who also lives here in DC. I had to think back to where exactly we met in college (and think I figured it out) and then all the memories we had from formal dates to me driving him home from parties (I was a good DD haha), to our lives in DC now where we see each other at least a few times a week and typically Snapchat each other daily. It's so funny to see photos of us from 10+ years ago and then now, and see that, wow, things really aren't that different (he has more facial hair, my hair length really varies haha)

What I'm Reading
Currently The Gatekeepers by Chris Whipple, which looks at all the modern-day Chiefs of Staff starting with President Nixon's. Is it any surprise that this DC-loving, West Wing-obsessed girl requested that her library buy the eBook and borrowed it as soon as it was available?

What I've been up to
Get comfy. A lot has been happening.
 --have been on a plane every month of the year. At this point, June is the only month I won't set foot on a plane (and that may change if a work trip ends up happening). Most recently, Amsterdam! Which I will blog about.
--Moved apartments. It was much better than last year's move, though I still have a little "omg, why do I have so much stuff". The new place has better AC and is much more functional in terms of storage (important in a studio).
--Started planning the next 3-5 years. I get the whole "God laughs when we make plans" but I'm too type A to not think a little about goals I have and where I want to be. A few things that have happened this year have made me really think about this more.

What I'm Watching
For the first time ever, I'm watching The Bachelorette. I've never committed to Bachelor Nation before, but given that Rachel is from my hometown, my age, and seems smart and solid, I want to see how this plays out. So far I am IMPRESSED. She's classy, stands up for herself, and isn't there to waste time.

Other things I'm watching:
--All caught up on The Americans! I see that last time I mentioned that show, I was stuck in the middle of season 3. So glad I pushed through. Season 4 is phenomenal, and Season 5 was good too. Season 6 starts up next year and is the LAST season.
--Madam Secretary: I decided to start binging this and am enjoying it so far. I'm near the end of season 2. It scratches a bit of a West Wing/The Americans itch. I love seeing a strong female lead as well as the cute marriage between Tea Leoni and Tim Daly (who are real life bf/gf!)--Master of None: I finished this while moving in and it might be my favorite season of TV in a few years. It was beautiful and so pitch perfect. My favorite episodes were "I Love New York" and "Thanksgiving".
--House of Cards: I'm on episode 3 and this is a show I just can't binge. Each episode makes me a little nervous and stressed out, but I can't stop watching.
--Veep: this show is coming off a great last season, and I don't love this season as much. Selena seems like a real monster this season, but that doesn't mean I'm not watching haha.

What I'm Excited About
My college reunion this fall. I absolutely loved my time in college. I always say I was really good at it. I got good grades, not all As, but mostly. I went to class, but still skipped sometimes. I went to parties, but wasn't too much of a partier. I was involved but not student body president or anything. Friendships I made there are still such an important part of my life today, and I can honestly tie much of my life trajectory to things from college. Any excuse to go back and soak up some college ambiance and see old friends I will wholeheartedly embrace!

What I'm Dreading
The DC summer weather. We never know what kind of summer we're going to have. My first three summers here were great--occasionally swampy but mostly pretty. Then last summer hit. We passed 100 more than once (which is 100 times worse when you have the humidity we have, and many places still don't understand how to do AC right), and it was unbearable for like a month.

What I'm Listening to
Not ashamed to say it, I love “Malibu” by Miley Cyrus

What I'm doing this weekend
It's Pride here in DC (and many other places too, yes?). One of my favorite weekends--everyone is in such a happy mood, the parade is amazing, and the whole city just seems to party. I may also go to a yoga workshop to really nail some of the basic moves like chataranga and other transitions. I've basically been faking it this whole time haha.


  1. I love Malibu too. Most of Miley's songs are catchy. Have you watched The Handmaid's Tale yet?

    1. I have the book on my kindle and need to read it! Then I plan on devouring the Hulu series.


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