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Travel Tuesday

Occasionally I'm going to have a travel-themed post because, well I do a lot of it. It might be a new travel item I like, a random tip, or a trip recap. It won't be every week, but when I have something travel-related to post.

First up, I saw these questions in Conde Naste Traveler (they asked the people who wrote article in the May issue) and thought these would be fun to kick things off:

1. Biggest Hotel Pet Peeve: Lack of plugs in strategic places. I need multiple plugs at the desk (laptop, phone, tablet) and by the bed. The best are plugs on the side of the nightstand or in lamp (not behind the nightstand--don't make me move furniture). More than once the closest plug to the bed was on the wall parallel to the bed, meaning I had to plug my phone in there and leave it on the floor, which once muffled the sound of my alarm and I almost missed my flight.

2. What do you download for long-haul trips? I make sure to have a few books on my iPad (a few because I'll inevita…

What's Happening, June 2017

I used to do these quarterly, but I see that I fell off on this for the first part of 2017. So, let's hop back in!
What I'm drinking Since the beginning of 2017, I've given beer a bit of a break. I've noticed when I drink it, I get really congested. So, I'm solidly enjoying white wine season as well as trying other fun summer cocktails. I've also really upped my coffee game. I bought a French press and make coffee in that almost every day. I've also branched into bulletproof coffee (may post about this later). I've never owned a coffee maker before (hmmm, may have had a one-cup one my last year in Dallas? Rarely used it?), but like the French press process and adding in things like cinnamon and cocoa. 
What I'm Loving Being in town for most of the summer. Yes, I love my travel, but there's something so freeing about having a summer stretch in front of you full of spontaneous possibilities. I recently left my dating apps and was feeling overprogr…