My Favorite Things, May 2017 Edition

Sidenote: will get back to the Balanced series soon. I switched the day of the week I posted it on, which caused me to lose track of when I needed to post. So, a few-week recap coming soon!

Do you ever have a spate of time when you realize you're really enjoying some things (products, etc.) in your life? I wanted to keep track of these things and share with those who might also enjoy them.

Old Navy shirts: As a tall lady, with proportional legs and torso (so, I'm not all legs or all torso, but each are a bit longer than an average-height lady), finding shirts long enough are a challenge. It's a challenge I occasionally win at, causing fellow tall ladies to ask where I get some of my basics. I have new shirts to add to this list:

  Relaxed V-Neck Tee

 Linen Blend Boyfriend Tee

Both come in Tall sizes and are the perfect length--cover my behind but not all of my shorts. I wore three of these in Amsterdam and they were perfect--long enough to wear with leggings or yoga pants and still have coverage, but didn't look too long with jeans. BUY THEM NOW.

Superstore: I binged the first season of this show last summer and then promptly forgot about it until my redeye last week. I rarely laugh out loud at shows, but I was dyyying laughing on the plane. It's basically The Office set in Wal-Mart, but is still very relate-able.

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Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Seasoning: I've documented my love of TJ's Everyday Seasoning, and that's still my number one, but this stuff is a nice change! Imagine all the delightful seasoning on an everything bagel in a bottle, free to sprinkle on anything.

Image result for everything but the bagel seasoning

The Daily (podcast): I still listen to NPR in the morning, but also make time for this podcast from the NY Times. It goes in-depth into one current event story (like 10-15 minutes) and really digs in. It's especially handy in the current turbulent political arena to keep all the moving pieces straight and understand, day-by-day, what's happening.

The New Yorker: I wish I had more time to read magazines, especially ones like this which are so in-depth and make me feel smarter. I had the chance recently to do a deep dive into an issue for an afternoon and came away loving the comedian Kumail Nanjiani as well as learning about the Washington power broker who helps pick Supreme Court justices.