Balanced, Week 5

Suddenly, we're at Week 5 here. Where did the time go? Last week was an interesting one, fitness-wise because I had (wait for it) LASIK on April 20. I'll post more about this later, but one rule of recovery is to not workout for a week (and this is a mixed-message rule--my recovery paperwork said I could return to work and go for a run the next day, yet my actual doctor said to not do anything that would get sweat in my eyes or make me want to rub my eyes, so, basically all workouts but light walks).

So diet was more of a focus this week and, I think it went pretty well? Let's take a look

Last Week's GOals:

Diet: Keep up with clean eating. Limit drinking. No dessert. Well, true to form, this went pretty well during the week and a bit off the rails over the weekend. But I did cook up a storm pre-Lasik, and thus was able to eat at home and rather healthfully during the week. 

Workout: Since I can't workout, aim for 10,000 steps a day. I avereaged 9,000 steps a day (which shows me that on days I don't work out, I don't necessarily make-up for it in walking more--partly because I walk so much to my various gyms).

Wellness: Read a book. 8 hours of sleep each night. Catch up with a friend via phone or FaceTime. I did not crack open a book. BUT--I averaged 8 hours and six minutes of sleep a night! And had a lovely catch-up call with a friend in Texas (we both work from home--me two days a week and her every day--so we were able to fit it in).

A Look at This Week:

Diet: The above part captures this pretty well. I'm also obsessed with these P3 Protein packs--they make such good snacks! (And definitely JUST learned that the P3 stands for "protein protein protein", hahahahaha). A big boon to my diet? Tea. Now that I have my electric kettle, it's SO easy to make a cup of tea every night. Currently digging Yogi Tea's Bedtime formula, but there are a bounty of teas out there. 

Weight lost: -.9 lbs. Total lost: 4.1 lbs

Workout: I did hit up Flywheel on Friday (the first day I could workout again, huzzah!) and got a PR! It was my favorite instructor again, so that likely had something to do with it, but man, I just flew during that class. 

Also, don't pay attention to the 900+ calories burned. My heart-rate monitor says it was more like 670.

Wellness: I maximized the friend time this week, and it was just what the heart and mind needed. Between bocce, trivia night, catching up with friends who are far away, and celebrating spring weather and birthdays, my friend tank was full and I was reminded how grateful I am for my life here. 

Goals for This Week:

Diet: No dessert or mindless snacking.

Workout: Workout four times, and try to do yoga. 

Wellness: Stop looking at the clock when waking up before my alarm. I woke up at 7:15 both Saturday and Sunday mornings and was like WHY. Ugh. Get a handle on packing for my upcoming move (like pack up winter-wear).


  1. Wait! I want to hear all about your Lasik. I am thinking about getting it.

    1. I'm writing a post about it! Stay tuned!


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