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My Favorite Things, May 2017 Edition

Sidenote: will get back to the Balanced series soon. I switched the day of the week I posted it on, which caused me to lose track of when I needed to post. So, a few-week recap coming soon!

Do you ever have a spate of time when you realize you're really enjoying some things (products, etc.) in your life? I wanted to keep track of these things and share with those who might also enjoy them.

Old Navy shirts: As a tall lady, with proportional legs and torso (so, I'm not all legs or all torso, but each are a bit longer than an average-height lady), finding shirts long enough are a challenge. It's a challenge I occasionally win at, causing fellow tall ladies to ask where I get some of my basics. I have new shirts to add to this list:

  Relaxed V-Neck Tee

 Linen Blend Boyfriend Tee

Both come in Tall sizes and are the perfect length--cover my behind but not all of my shorts. I wore three of these in Amsterdam and they were perfect--long enough to wear with leggings or yoga pants and…

The Skinny on Lasik, Part 3

Part 1 here

Part 2 here
So, where did we leave off? Oh, yes, the ride home from the doctor. They did a good job of outlining what would happen that night. The most common feeling people have after Lasik is that "sand was thrown in their eyes". Your eyes water, burn, feel gritty, etc. 
So I put on my big sunglasses (can't touch my eyes, remember?) and am led to a waiting Uber by M. At this point, I can't open my eyes--they're burning, watering, opening them is impossible. After a terrible Uber ride home, I can't wait to fall asleep, which is what the doctor recommends. 
Except I can't. My eyes just hurt. They're burning, watering, keeping them closed hurts, opening them hurts, the slightest bit of light hurts. My eyes are also aching dully. 
So timeout--they said the first few hours would be the worst of the pain/discomfort, but most people just take a nap through it. I wish I could have. Because my eyes were watering, my nose also stopped up. So I can&…

The Skinny on Lasik, Part 2

Part 1 is here
Once I'd decided to pull the trigger on Lasik, I had to figure out the following: how to pay for it, and when to do it. 
Paying for it: Lasik is usually not covered by insurance, and it's not cheap. This is where figuring out all your options is the best idea--whether it's maxing out your FSA for the next year (a route I ultimately took) and paying for the rest out of pocket, financing, etc. My doctor required a small deposit about a month before my surgery date. 
Timing: Before the surgery, you have a pre-op appointment, which is basically like a very thorough eye exam. They discuss any vision or eye health issues you've had before (for example, I had a skin issue of my eyelids about ten years ago, didn't affect my vision but did require me to use eye drops and such). They dilate your pupils. They test your vision about 100 times at different degrees of correction. Before this appointment, you can't wear contacts for 1-2 weeks. This was actually t…

The Skinny on Lasik, Part 1

I first started wearing glasses when I was nine years old. My soccer coach, who's daughter wore glasses, noticed that I was squinting down the field and suggested to my mom I get my eyes checked. From then until I was in high school, I wore glasses pretty much 24/7. The exceptions were dance team performances and the occasional school dance/social outing. I was never one of those people who could go for a run without my glasses or a quick trip the store. I started wearing contacts in high school, and they were a game changer. I loved them from the get-go and knew it was the right decision.

So as I got older, my eyes continued to get kind of worse, and it just became part of my life--wearing contacts, taking them out at night, remembering to pack my glasses on trips, making sure I had a travel-sized bottle of solution, etc. My eyes started to not love having contacts in them all the time--and it was getting annoying.

I work in the vision industry, so I know people who have gotten L…

Balanced, Week 5

Suddenly, we're at Week 5 here. Where did the time go? Last week was an interesting one, fitness-wise because I had (wait for it) LASIK on April 20. I'll post more about this later, but one rule of recovery is to not workout for a week (and this is a mixed-message rule--my recovery paperwork said I could return to work and go for a run the next day, yet my actual doctor said to not do anything that would get sweat in my eyes or make me want to rub my eyes, so, basically all workouts but light walks).

So diet was more of a focus this week and, I think it went pretty well? Let's take a look

Last Week's GOals:
Diet: Keep up with clean eating. Limit drinking. No dessert. Well, true to form, this went pretty well during the week and a bit off the rails over the weekend. But I did cook up a storm pre-Lasik, and thus was able to eat at home and rather healthfully during the week. 
Workout: Since I can't workout, aim for 10,000 steps a day. I avereaged 9,000 steps a day (wh…