Balanced, Week 4

Well, we're a month into this series. And I have to say, I really like it thus far. It's a good way for me to spot patterns in my behavior and habits.

This past week was a weird one in terms of life--started off playing catch-up on sleep thanks to a late-night flight back from Dallas, and then ended with a medical procedure that will keep me from working out for at least a week (more on this later). A quick rundown of highs and lows:

Goals from Last Week:

Diet: Stick to whole, healthy foods. Limit drinking (though in Texas this weekend, I had all of TWO drinks. Margaritas. Naturally). No sugar.  This was ok--I think I drank once (being Saturday night), and mostly stuck to my whole foods. Did have sugar a few times, but it was worth it (ice cream with my favorite kiddos from church).

Workout: Get three good workouts in, hopefully one of them being yoga. Well got two in, neither being yoga. But spin class with my favorite instructor is always worth it. 

Wellness: Average 8 or so hours of sleep each night. Average 10,000 steps a day. Success! Averaged 8 hours and 48 minutes of sleep (thanks to two nights of 10 hours of sleep) and 10,555 steps a day (thanks to Wednesday, when I somehow walked more than 22,000 steps).

A Look at This Week

Diet: Tried a few new recipes this week that I'm really enjoying (my favorite one being this spicy chicken chili). Also trying to make sure I'm drinking enough water as that just helps everything in general. I'm good about it at work, but weekends and days out and about are hard. 

Weight: -.9 lbs. Total lost: 3.2 lbs

Workout: Did Blast and Flywheel, but need to add in more strength-training as neither of those classes focus a lot on it. 

Wellness: Praise hands emoji for sleep. It really helps my whole day feel better--I eat better, I workout, etc. I wish that a full night of sleep was a requirement for jobs.

Goals for Next Week:

Diet: Keep up with clean eating. Limit drinking. No dessert.

Workout: Since I can't workout, aim for 10,000 steps a day.

Wellness: Read a book. 8 hours of sleep each night. Catch up with a friend via phone or FaceTime.