Balanced, Week 2

(A look back at Week 1 here)

Sigh, the burden of business travel (upcoming post--what business travel is really like and how I've evolved my travel habits over time to make it as painless as possible). This one was a biggie--I was in NYC for five days. It was nights of fitful sleep (#hotellife), lots of walking, and meals out. I ended up staying at a wellness-focused hotel, which had an in-room workout zone, a 24-hour coffee and tea bar, and washed your workout clothes for free! (Perhaps will do a post on this hotel, I just filled out the survey and had thoughts).

So, let's see how the week went?

Goals for Week 2:
Workouts: Two workouts while in NYC for work Check! Ended up hitting 100 classes with ClassPass by visiting a spin studio on Thursday morning. It was a Hamilton-themed ride, so most of it went over my head, but I enjoyed it. I also did stretching and yoga videos that were in my hotel room, and a resistance band workout Saturday morning. 
Diet: Drinks only two nights while in NYC (this really F's with my sleep, especially when out of town). Starting a Whole14-20 when I get back to reset some healthy diet habits. Umm, so this didn't happen. I think I had at least half a glass of wine each night (yes, Wednesday night I took a few sips of a glass of red wine, but wasn't really feeling it). It was a mix of "drinking wine because it's there" (like at a gala on Friday night), and "this cocktail looks interesting and I'm going to savor it" (an AMAZING cocktail at Gotham). That being said, I'm doing a Whole, um, 17? Four days in and reminded how much I appreciate the rules of this program. 
Wellness: Continue to get 8 hours of sleep a night. Go to yoga once. No mindless TV watching. My fitness tracker says I averaged 7 hours and 55 minutes of sleep for the past week. So, pretty much on track. Haven't gone to an official yoga class this week, but have done a few videos on my own. Not sure how to measure the "no mindless TV watching", but I definitely watched a lot of Parks and Rec while in NYC (it always seemed to be on, and I love a good visit to Pawnee, Indiana). 

Diet: Well, I guess it was as good as it could be considering I had business meals out at restaurants. Snacking got a bit out of control, so I'm actually happy to be on the Whole17 right now to right this ship. I've felt loads better these past few days in terms of energy and overall well-being. My favorite meal was hands-down the veal tortellini at Sistina in NYC (Everything there was top-notch). I've also started whipping up my own coffee concoction--brewed coffee, bit of coconut/almond blend milk, cocoa powder, and coconut oil. Blend it all together and you have a rich and frothy (ew, that word seems gross right here) beverage. 

Weight: -1 lb. Total loss since Week 0: -1.6 lbs (note, you don't weigh yourself on the Whole30, but I had a doctor's appointment this morning and they ask what your weight was that morning so I weighed myself today).

Workouts: Hit another 300+ day at Flywheel---and my heart rate tracker said I burned around 400 calories. Hmmmm. But my best workout was at Blast, where the stats speak for themselves. 

700+ calories--and it was a beast of a workout

Wellness: A little less sleep this week (7 hours and 55 mins on average) and it wasn't the most solid sleep, so I'm playing catch-up a bit. However, averaged 13,000 steps a day, including this whopper on National Walking Day:

10.5 miles of walking (this included the Blast workout, but that was only 2.6 miles. I really don't understand the rest of the steps but whatever)
Next week's goals: 

Diet: sticking with Whole17. Trying to not snack on nuts and/or Larabars too much and focus on whole meals.

Workout: GO TO YOGA. 

Wellness: Get 9 hours of sleep at least twice (I know, you parents out there are like "WHAT IS THAT LIKE?!"). Purge my closet (if you've never done this, get ready for a great mental health experience).

Stay balanced!


  1. What is the difference between Whole17 and Whole30??? The number of days? And when I drink I sleep awful as well. I usually wake up around 3:30 am and can't fall back asleep. Although, that hasn't stopped me from drinking. Ha.

    1. Ha, yes, basically that it's shorter. I do a shorter reset after a trip or when I'm feeling blah. I find that a Whole30 needs significant planning and timing (I'm rarely in town for thirty straight days or in control of all my food). Whole30 "officially" recommends you don't try shorter versions of the program until you've done four or five Whole30s, because each time the "bad" symptoms of the first part are around for less and less time. So, you get to the "good" parts of the Whole30 faster the more you do it (wow, that was a long explanation). All this being said, I had a glass of champs last night so mehhh.


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