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Food 180s

I remember the first time I changed my mind on a food. I thought tomatoes were gross for a long time. Then one day, my mom put her usual baked tomatoes in front of my dad, and I looked at them and thought "huh, that looks good". So I asked for a piece, and thus began tomatoes being added to my diet. (I was not a child who was forced to eat things like broccoli and such if I didn't like them. I ate a lot of vegetables, so my parents didn't see the need to force ones I didn't like on me).

Bon Appetit wrote about this a bit--that people get more adventurous in foods they eat as they get older, partly because our reactions to sweet and bitter isn't as strong.

There's the occasional food item that people start to like as they get older, or tried in a new way. Don't get me started on Brussels sprouts--I love that they're so ubiquitous on menus now that tomorrow's youth will not understand why they were the stuff of nightmares for years.

However, for…

Balanced, Week 4

Well, we're a month into this series. And I have to say, I really like it thus far. It's a good way for me to spot patterns in my behavior and habits.

This past week was a weird one in terms of life--started off playing catch-up on sleep thanks to a late-night flight back from Dallas, and then ended with a medical procedure that will keep me from working out for at least a week (more on this later). A quick rundown of highs and lows:

Goals from Last Week:

Diet: Stick to whole, healthy foods. Limit drinking (though in Texas this weekend, I had all of TWO drinks. Margaritas. Naturally). No sugar.  This was ok--I think I drank once (being Saturday night), and mostly stuck to my whole foods. Did have sugar a few times, but it was worth it (ice cream with my favorite kiddos from church).
Workout: Get three good workouts in, hopefully one of them being yoga. Well got two in, neither being yoga. But spin class with my favorite instructor is always worth it. 
Wellness: Average 8 or so ho…

Tuesday Thoughts

Just some things knocking around my head this week . . .

--I really love the musical Oklahoma! and was reminded of my love for it recently in listening to Happier, the podcast from Gretchen Ruben. She said she loves America, and various things give her a swell of pride for our country, one such thing being the song "The Farmer and the Cowman" from Oklahoma! The song is the intermission song (or as my mom calls it, "a showstopper") and it's delightful. I also *may* know all the words to that soundtrack and wrote a paper in college on it for my class on, wait for it, musicals (yes, I took a class all about  movie musicals. It was as amazing as it sounds. My parents were confused as to how I was getting college credit for this.)

--I was back in Texas this past weekend and enjoyed all the delights of quasi-suburbia--shopping in a real mall, a less-crowded Target, going to Sonic, walking the family dog. There's something to be said for a life that isn't all …

Balanced, Week 3

I feel like this post will be very reflective of the week I've had--jumbly and full of stops and starts. Case in point--I've drafted this post at about four different times, and am finishing it on a plane right now.

The week (which I'm going to say ran Thursday 4/6-Saturday 4/15, because that's about the rate we're at right now) consisted of not enough sleep, a friend visiting for a wedding, and some of the best weather we've had in DC in awhile. How does that stack up to being balanced?

Ehhh, it was ok?

Let's look at last week's goals:

Diet: sticking with Whole17. Trying to not snack on nuts and/or Larabars too much and focus on whole meals. Ok, I have to laugh a little. I drank this past week, but nothing crazy, and mostly stuck to Whole30 foods. I did buy a bunch of Larabars when they were on sale, but haven't been snacking on them (stocking up for future travels).
Workout: GO TO YOGA. Sigh, the best laid plans. I was in yoga clothes, heading to yog…

Balanced, Week 2

(A look back at Week 1 here)

Sigh, the burden of business travel (upcoming post--what business travel is really like and how I've evolved my travel habits over time to make it as painless as possible). This one was a biggie--I was in NYC for five days. It was nights of fitful sleep (#hotellife), lots of walking, and meals out. I ended up staying at a wellness-focused hotel, which had an in-room workout zone, a 24-hour coffee and tea bar, and washed your workout clothes for free! (Perhaps will do a post on this hotel, I just filled out the survey and had thoughts).

So, let's see how the week went?

Goals for Week 2: Workouts: Two workouts while in NYC for work Check! Ended up hitting 100 classes with ClassPass by visiting a spin studio on Thursday morning. It was a Hamilton-themed ride, so most of it went over my head, but I enjoyed it. I also did stretching and yoga videos that were in my hotel room, and a resistance band workout Saturday morning.  Diet: Drinks only two nights w…