I'm not one who makes New Year's resolutions around health goals. Last year's did include going to yoga more (which I do now), so I guess I have some success with this, but not really.

But the truth is, I could be healthier. I could lose some weight, eat better, drink less, sleep more, and just generally take better care of myself.

One way to hold myself accountable to this is to actually track it. I've liked seeing the data from my heart rate monitor and seeing how the calories burned and effort put forth, and am thinking weekly blog posts will help me stay on track but also track trends and such.

I recently started reading a new (to me) blog, Franish, and basically want to be her best friend. She's a med student (about to be a resident) in Ohio, but has a really fun and realistic lifestyle blog. She started posting a weekly Healthyish series, and I really enjoy it. So, this is kind of my version of it?

Here's what I'm going to cover:

Diet (goals, meals I loved, treats)
I've done Whole30 and Weight Watchers. I know that dairy and bread are not my friend, both in the way they make me feel and what they do to my cravings. I also know that while I love sugar, I can also function really well without it, and the more time I spend away from it, the better. I've really cut down on my snacking too, by having well-balanced and satisfying meals, so I'm hoping to keep this up. Also, I really ebb and flow with my alcohol intake--it's social-based, so weeks with a lot of happy hours, dates, bocce games, I end up feeling fairly pickled and poor.  So feeling more empowered to not drink as much during the week and on weekends is a priority (this could also fall under wellness, which you'll get to in a second).

Workouts (goals, favorites)
I'm still doing ClassPass, but now that they did away with their unlimited package (the most you can get is 10 classes a month), I'm looking for ways to supplement my workouts each month. I'm planning on buying a Flywheel package since I'd like to up that to two times a week, But I've really fallen down in strength training (it seems like traditional gyms are the ones that have great strength training classes, and I don't have those options on ClassPass), so I'm going to do more of those on my own (via videos and blog recommendations).

Wellness: (Steps, sleep, mind/body/soul things)
This is pretty self-explanatory. Thanks to my Garmin Vivo, I get a lot of data on how I sleep and how much I walk. It also provides insights--telling me which days I often get less sleep, or noting similarities in sleep and bedtime (duh). But I'm also going to try to watch less mindless TV and read more (I have way too many magazine subscriptions).

So here we go with Week 1!!

  • Wine once during the week
  • Two strength workouts
  • Read a book

Also, while I will track lbs lost, there isn't really a goal weight in mind here. When I was at my physical fittest, I had actually put on weight (thanks, muscle), so I've become less enamored with what the scale says.

Stay tuned!


  1. Reading this as I am nursing a hangover from wine. Ha. I need to do more yoga. I used to be so flexible and that's slowly going away.


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