Balanced, Week 1

As mentioned last week, I'm focusing on achieving and maintaining a healthy balance in my life, between diet, working out, and overall wellness like sleep and mental wellness.

So, week 1 is done. How did it go?

Goals for the week were:
  • Wine once during the week--ummm, this didn't happen, I had wine twice. But only one glass each time. So, progress?
  • Two strength workouts--Check! I've found the closest thing to my beloved Dallas bootcamp, and I'm trying to hit it up as much as possible.
  • Read a book--Done! Read The Hopefuls which has nailed DC living so much that it's scary. 

This was a bit hit or miss. I had some meals out with friends and such, but on my own ate healthily for the most part. My favorite thing has been reigniting my favorite scramble--sundried tomatoes, spinach, and scrambled eggs. Sometimes topped with avocado. So. Good. 

Weight Down: -0.6 lbs

Workouts: Hit a workout milestone when I passed 300 "torq" points at Flywheel for the first time. It's basically an arbitrary measurement of how hard you're working (resistance is called "torq", so the higher your resistance and the faster you pedal, the more points you "earn"). I've flirted with 300 a few times, but was shocked when I easily surpassed it on Friday with my favorite instructor (though the large coffee I chugged ahead of time likely had something to do with it).

Don't pay attention to the calories burned, my heart rate monitor says I burned about 300 less, haha.

Wellness: It was hard to take time out to read, but I'm glad I did. I also booked a long weekend to Amsterdam (thanks for the cheap flight tip, Scott's Cheap Flights) so that did wonders for my mental health too, (it's true what they say, the mere act of planning a vacation does wonders). I averaged 8 hours and 15 minutes of sleep a night, a trend I'd like to keep going.  I averages 10,250 steps per day (likely due to a few days being over 15,000 steps), so am feeling good about my step count for the time being. 

Goals for Week 2:
Workouts: Two workouts while in NYC for work
Diet: Drinks only two nights while in NYC (this really F's with my sleep, especially when out of town). Starting a Whole14-20 when I get back to reset some healthy diet habits. 
Wellness: Continue to get 8 hours of sleep a night. Go to yoga once. No mindless TV watching.

Sooooo onward!