I don't normally recap the Oscars, but this year's show needs to be acknowledged. I say this running on about six hours of sleep (I know, parents out there, that sounds like a dream, but this gal needs 8 to be a real human) and praise-hands-emoji-ing for the 10 oz option on the office Keurig, but here are some initial thoughts about the Oscars:

1. I printed up my usual Oscar bingo and ballots and took them to my friend's house where I hosted a scaled down version of my usual Oscar party. I voted with my heart on my ballot instead of who I thought would win--and I came in second!

2. I sat on the floor approx. 4 feet from the TV the entire time. Reminded me of movies as a kid. And very fitting for my childlike glee over the Oscars.

3. Slow claps for Jimmy Kimmel. As he pointed out, people rarely host the Oscars multiple times because even the best seem to crash and burn (or the Academy inexplicably asks Anne Hathaway and James Franco to host because . . . . ???). I thought he was pitch-perfect--didn't make it too much about himself, was appropriately self-deprecating but also brought some levity to the room by pointing out that while the night is important to Hollywood, it's still not the most important thing in the world and everyone can have a reality check every now and then.

4. I'm really glad I learned how to say Mahershala Ali's name this weekend because I feel like I repeated it several times last night.

5. My biggest ballot coup? Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for Best Costume. A. Never vote against Colleen Atwood and B. listen to Oscar podcasts.

6. It KILLS me that Suicide Squad now has an Oscar (make-up).

7. A bit on bits. I've been less impressed with some of the bits the Oscars have done in the past, mainly because they go on too long (Ellen ordering pizza for everyone was funny, but 30 mins later making a joke of asking for cash to pay for it made me say "Yeah, the bit was over 30 mins ago"). But, I do love Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon's running feud (if you haven't seen Sarah Silverman's video "I'm F**king Matt Damon", get thee to YouTube now. It helps to know that she and Jimmy Kimmel were dating at the time). I thought it provided a good dose of humor and light-heartedness--it does help that both Matt and Jimmy are so likable. Also, the Hollywood Tour Bus bit was basically my dream come true. I bemoaned the fact that I wasn't on that bus, but also realized I would NEVER schedule a tour to conflict with the Oscars. I thought the tourists were precious, though Gary from Chicago and his fiance might be my favorites (And true to 2017, Twitter accounts are now created for Gary at the Oscars).

This prompted my friends to ask what I would do if this happened to me. Easy. I would burst into tears. So now you know. 

8. The ending. I'm honestly still in disbelief and processing that ending. As soon as LaLa Land was announced, I got up and started packing up leftovers and throwing things away. A few people lingered by the TV and then I heard them say "wait, what's happening? It didn't win?" I raced over and rewound to the beginning (thanks, DVR!) and stood in amazement. I have to say, I was stunned that this could happen, but also thought it was handled as well as it could be in the moment. Jimmy Kimmel kept it light, Warren Beatty explained exactly what happened, and Jordan Hurwitz (LaLa Land producer) was gracious and so adamant about doing the right thing. That's showbiz!