Oscars, I haven't forgotten you

As many of you know, the Oscars are my Super Bowl. From the day the noms are announced until Oscar Sunday, I'm in a frenzy of seeing all the movies and listening to podcasts about the various odds (highly recommend The Awards Show Show from Vulture). I start planning my party and themed menu a month out. I spend the entire weekend before the party setting up decor and cooking (can you tell I don't have children?)

But not this year. A variety of factors have come into play. First, I live in a much smaller apartment, and thus can't host my usual big shindig. Also, man, those parties were a lot of time and money. And people would, as they're wont to do, bail at the last minute because Sunday night plans are hard. So, the party was already off the list.

Secondly, holy shitstorm, Batman. I've been really busy. Between a death in the family in late January that is still taking up a lot of emotional and mental space, travel home for the funeral, a wedding, work trips, and just general busyness, I've had little free time to dedicate to seeing all the films. By Sunday, I will have seen five of the Best Picture nominees (may try to squeeze in a sixth), but really have no clue as to who or what will win (I'm hearing Emma Stone is a lock for Best Actress--ok? Sure?).

So here's a quick look back at some of my favorite and most astounding Oscar memories:

Best Picture 2016: When Spotlight won best picture, after late surges from The Big Short and The Revenant, I screamed with delight. From the minute I saw that movie, I was pushing for it for Best Picture, and never wavered in my support. So I feel like it owes me a little bit?

Best Picture 2015: On the opposite end of the spectrum, when Boyhood lost to Birdman for Best Picture, I lost some major respect for The Academy. I haven't been able to get through Birdman, but Boyhood is a beautiful masterpiece that is so simple it's complex. As Slate said in 2015, Birdman is about an actor who dreams of making a movie like Boyhood.

Best Actor 2010 (or 2011?): Colin Firth winning for The King's Speech was the cherry on top of my (now 15 year) love affair with him. I think I cried when he won.

Best Supporting Actor 2007: This was the first time I truly "got" the Academy and their way of thinking. Alan Arkin won for Best Supporting Actor for Little Miss Sunshine. I was the ONLY person in my ballot pool that picked him to win. I thought "he's had a great career, is rarely recognized, and is such a gem in LMS, I bet he wins."

So, go forth, friends, and watch the Oscars. Even if it's just for the fashion and monologue, you need to be able to talk to your coworkers about something on Monday.