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I don't normally recap the Oscars, but this year's show needs to be acknowledged. I say this running on about six hours of sleep (I know, parents out there, that sounds like a dream, but this gal needs 8 to be a real human) and praise-hands-emoji-ing for the 10 oz option on the office Keurig, but here are some initial thoughts about the Oscars:

1. I printed up my usual Oscar bingo and ballots and took them to my friend's house where I hosted a scaled down version of my usual Oscar party. I voted with my heart on my ballot instead of who I thought would win--and I came in second!

2. I sat on the floor approx. 4 feet from the TV the entire time. Reminded me of movies as a kid. And very fitting for my childlike glee over the Oscars.

3. Slow claps for Jimmy Kimmel. As he pointed out, people rarely host the Oscars multiple times because even the best seem to crash and burn (or the Academy inexplicably asks Anne Hathaway and James Franco to host because . . . . ???). I thought h…

Oscars, I haven't forgotten you

As many of you know, the Oscars are my Super Bowl. From the day the noms are announced until Oscar Sunday, I'm in a frenzy of seeing all the movies and listening to podcasts about the various odds (highly recommend The Awards Show Show from Vulture). I start planning my party and themed menu a month out. I spend the entire weekend before the party setting up decor and cooking (can you tell I don't have children?)

But not this year. A variety of factors have come into play. First, I live in a much smaller apartment, and thus can't host my usual big shindig. Also, man, those parties were a lot of time and money. And people would, as they're wont to do, bail at the last minute because Sunday night plans are hard. So, the party was already off the list.

Secondly, holy shitstorm, Batman. I've been really busy. Between a death in the family in late January that is still taking up a lot of emotional and mental space, travel home for the funeral, a wedding, work trips, and…