Decade Friends

I got an email from Shutterfly today, the first time I've ever gotten one like this. It was basically their version of Facebook's "On This Day", they showed me photos with the timestamp of ELEVEN years ago and asked me to log in and view them.

So I did. There were about five photos from sorority Bid Day my junior year. I logged in expecting to see photos of long-lost friends, people I'd forgotten about, to be reminded of when I used to be closer to some people.

Instead, I found myself face-to-face with friends that are still a regular part of my life. A guy friend lives here in DC and I see him regularly (and am going on a cruise with him tomorrow), two of the other friends I have seen in the past month over the holidays, one I'm visiting next week, and another I saw this fall.

I was so caught off guard by this. At the end of college, I knew things would never be the same with friendships, that we would all lose touch and photos like these would remind me how I used to be close to these great people and am not anymore.

And that's just not the case. I'm not going to say that we all stayed just as close over the past ten years. Some of us have lost touch and then reconnected. Some of us went from living in the same city post-college, and having regular happy hours and brunches, to living across the country from each other. Still, I was in three of these people's weddings, and actually still see them as frequently as we can.

So, I guess this goes to show, never underestimate the strength of a friendship and it's staying power. And only be friends with good people :-)


  1. Decade friends!! (We're actually at 13 years, right?) Hooray!

  2. I agree. My best friends are three from middle school and the rest from my sorority. We are way over our decade of friendship, but we have all stayed very close. 9 of my sorority sisters and I are actually planning a trip for April to celebrate our BIG birthdays this year.


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