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Answer the Call

It's been a rough week, personal-life wise, but the cherry on top of this s**t sundae has been what is happening in our country right now. I don't even recognize the things that are coming out the White House, I keep waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out and say this whole thing was an elaborate prank. But it's not. It's a nightmare that we continue to live out.
My rage hit a high point in church today. When my pastor, who wasn't preaching this week, rose her voice in her pastoral prayer to the point that I wondered if it could be heard 8 blocks away at the White House. When the Bible spelled out exactly what we were supposed to be doing as God's children. When I realized that a beloved song was never more relevant than now.
I struggle with being a Christian and being lumped in a group that includes people who will pound their chests about the importance of an unborn child, and turn their backs on refugees. Turn their back on the people who this very country wa…

Decade Friends

I got an email from Shutterfly today, the first time I've ever gotten one like this. It was basically their version of Facebook's "On This Day", they showed me photos with the timestamp of ELEVEN years ago and asked me to log in and view them.

So I did. There were about five photos from sorority Bid Day my junior year. I logged in expecting to see photos of long-lost friends, people I'd forgotten about, to be reminded of when I used to be closer to some people.

Instead, I found myself face-to-face with friends that are still a regular part of my life. A guy friend lives here in DC and I see him regularly (and am going on a cruise with him tomorrow), two of the other friends I have seen in the past month over the holidays, one I'm visiting next week, and another I saw this fall.

I was so caught off guard by this. At the end of college, I knew things would never be the same with friendships, that we would all lose touch and photos like these would remind me how…

Things I'm Liking

A quick round-up of things that I'm liking this chilly winter Thursday (NPR kindly told me it was 30 degrees in NW DC on my way to work, maybe it's the Texan-turned-East Coaster in me, but I didn't think it was THAT cold)

Catching up on my programs: After the election, I kind of dove head-first into "pop culture comfort food" and only watched Gilmore Girls (also in prep for the revival--have I talked about that yet?) and re-read books I already knew I loved. I put some shows on the back-burner, but have recently picked them back up again. I finished season 3 of The Americans (and when will season 4 be On Demand, FX?!?!), am continuing to watch The Crown (I think I have two episodes left), and have started Six Feet Under again (did I mention I was watching this show? It's going to be slow-going, I can really only watch one episode at a time because death makes me sad, but it's SO GOOD). 
These gloves: Living in a place with Real Winter means I have learned a…

Not So Sweet, '16

2016 is not a year that I want to relive. When I think about all the things that happened earlier in the year, it feels so long ago. Between celebrity deaths (Yes, I cried on Christmas while watching Love, Actually because Alan Rickman died) and the election, I felt like there wasn't an escape from any of the bad news.

A recap of 2016 for me, personally:

A look at my 2016 resolutions, originally found here.

--Run 400 miles (roughly 8 a week). If I manage a half-marathon, this should take care of itself, but still, I want to keep running regularly.  Well, getting pneumonia in January really tanked this goal. I took time off from the gym in general, and then had to start back slowly. Even with running my half-marathon and all the training, I think I only hit about 250 miles. 
--Take two classes. I took ballroom dance this fall and really liked it. I may take another dance class, but also want to look into learning French.  Whelp, this also didn't happen. French wasn't taught t…