Holiday Catch-Up

I see that I'm doing a great job of completing this roughly every quarter, so huzzah!

What I'm drinking
I've officially moved in to dark beer season. So bring on all the porters! I've also been attempting to find an egg nog that I like, that isn't heavy on the nutmeg. Do share if you know of one. 

What I'm reminiscing about
My first half marathon. Facebook's "on this day" has been heavy with the reminders of it, and the 2016 race occurred last weekend in my hometown, and I enjoyed watching lots of friends finish it. I decided to run the race a year earlier when I was blocked from going to the gym thanks to road closures for the race. I had just started running on the trail that ran behind my apartment. I thought "hey, I could do this". Got running shoes for Christmas that year and voila, a year later was wearing a medal (let's not talk about the two injuries that popped up over that year). It's what started my love of running and half marathons. 

What I'm Loving
My Instant Pot. Yes, I'm posting about a kitchen appliance. But I bought this popular pressure cooker in a Black Friday sale and was honestly intimidated to use it until this weekend. Then I read all through the manual and cooked two frozen chicken breasts in ten minutes and my mind. Was. Blown. Last night I picked up some pork shoulder at Whole Foods, popped it in the Instant Pot with some stock, balsamic vinegar, garlic, carrots, and parsnips. An hour later, moist (sorry) falling-off-the fork shredded pork. Normally that would take eight hours or so in the crock pot. I'm obsessed.

What I've been up to
Planning travel for 2017. At this point, I'll be a third of the way to A-List on Southwest by the end of February. Between trips for weddings, bachelorette parties, a cruise in January, and visiting friends and family, I just might hit this in 2017. I had it in 2012 and it's great for frequent Southwest flyers. 

What I'm Excited About
Going home for the holidays. I'll be back in the Lone Star State for eight days, and honestly can't wait. There's something to be said for the familiarity of home--knowing where everything is and just cruising on autopilot. Plus seeing friends, family, and of course, the family dog. I've also rented what will likely be a sweet SUV--when in Rome, right?

What I'm Dreading
Honestly, it's been a constant state of dread since November 9. My stomach gets all knotty when I think too much about the next administration. So can we say I'm dreading the next four years (or at least two years, until hopefully Congress flips)

What I'm Watching
Lord. All the things:
--Westworld (have two episodes to go! It's a little weird)
--The Americans (stuck in the middle of season 3 and I can't get started again. I mean, I will, but it feels like a slog right now, and a little too close to home with current events)
--The Crown--it's no Downton Abbey, but I'm enjoying it all the same.
--Six Feet Under (yes, this show is 15 years old. I can only watch one episode at a time because it is kind of depressing, what with a death occurring every episode, but it's really making me appreciate funeral directors and the services they provide. Also, it's basically about a family running a business)
--Jane the Virgin--it's on winter hiatus at the moment, but pick it up if you haven't!
--Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I gave up on this show at the beginning of the season when a main character left the show, but picked it back up a few weeks ago.
--Younger--the hour-long season finale is tomorrow night and I CANNOT WAIT. #TeamCharles

What I'm Listening to
My Spotify Christmas station, which is chock full of my Christmas favorites. And the Gilmore Guys recaps of the "Year in the Life" episodes. Y'all. I have THOUGHTS about the revival. But not sure they're worth a whole post/I can organize them into something that makes sense. TBD.

What I'm Reading
"Talking Just as Fast as I Can" by Lauren Graham. I saw her speak last week here in DC (sold-out crowd of 99.7% women) and we all got signed copies of her book. If you're super jealous of me seeing her speak, read the book--as a lot of what she talked about is in the book. It's a quick read, and very conversational. I feel like she and I would be friends. 

What I'm doing this weekend
All the holiday get-togethers. Two holiday brunches and other assorted merriment. This is also a weekend when the city seems to empty out and every bar, restaurant, and tourist attraction is empty. 


  1. Have you had the eggnog at LeDiplomat? So freaking good.
    The upcoming admin freaks me out too. Completely.
    Just started The Crown last night, so far so good!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. ooooh I'll have to try their eggnog too! Glad I decided to comment on this post to see your comment. Y'all make me wish I was a blogger and not just a blog reader!

  2. Girl, I laughed outloud reading that going to Dallas is like autopilot for you. Last time I went home, I got lost coming home from the airport. Ended up by downtown somehow when I started from DFW. For me its a big of weird auto pilot I think I know where I am, and wait where the hell am i now I don't live here!?!?


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