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Holiday Catch-Up

I see that I'm doing a great job of completing this roughly every quarter, so huzzah!

What I'm drinking
I've officially moved in to dark beer season. So bring on all the porters! I've also been attempting to find an egg nog that I like, that isn't heavy on the nutmeg. Do share if you know of one. 

What I'm reminiscing about
My first half marathon. Facebook's "on this day" has been heavy with the reminders of it, and the 2016 race occurred last weekend in my hometown, and I enjoyed watching lots of friends finish it. I decided to run the race a year earlier when I was blocked from going to the gym thanks to road closures for the race. I had just started running on the trail that ran behind my apartment. I thought "hey, I could do this". Got running shoes for Christmas that year and voila, a year later was wearing a medal (let's not talk about the two injuries that popped up over that year). It's what started my love of running and hal…