Friday Randoms

(Sidenote: I had and still have lots of emotions and feelins' about the election. Most of what I would say has already been said, and in person/via text/via phone/via GIF exchanges with my nearest and dearest. Some feelings and thoughts may sneak in here occasionally, but for the most part, I don't plan on addressing it in a public place. Now, back to a regularly scheduled programming).

I've had so many random thoughts that I've thought I need to share. so here's a round-up post of them:

1. There's a part of my commute where people treat a stop sign as a yield sign. A lane merges from a curve onto a parkway (where cars are going approx. 45 mph if the light ahead isn't red). The safest way for these cars to enter is to WAIT for a break in traffic or when the light is red, but they often pause oh-so-briefly at the stop sign and try to force their way in. Yesterday, I slowed down and waved a car in. And y'all, I felt like I deserved a MF-ing MEDAL for that. #littlethings

2. Turns out I hadn't been to Target since AUGUST (what?!?!). I popped in yesterday with a strict list (that I didn't stray from!). I feel like the things I buy are NEVER on the Cartwheel app, but this time, almost everything was, and I saved $5 (Spent $35 total--the cheapest trip to the Tarj EVER). I felt like I was winning all the things.

3. The Joe Biden-Obama memes are everything to me right now. I've always loved Uncle Joe (and his wife, Sassy Jill--my nickname for her, I like to think we're friends). These memes make me laugh and cry at the same time.

4. I haven't really watched much TV over the past few weeks, I've been listening to podcasts and reading. As a result, I'm woefully behind on what shows the kids are watching these days. I tried out a few new shows (This is Us, Designated Survivor, Speechless, The Good Place) and none were really for me. Anything out there I'm really missing out on?

5. Though, one show I have been watching is The Crown. I am impressed with people who can binge it, as each episode seems to cover so much that I need to take a break. I will say, I was gutted at the reaction of everyone to George VI's death (not a spoiler, he's Queen Elizabeth's dad. She starts the series as Princess Elizabeth, so you see it coming). It must be so weird to be alive and have a TV show made about your life.

6. Our office Thanksgiving was this week, and I have never made more friends at work than when I brought this pie and this red pepper dip. More people asked for the recipe for these and stopped me/emailed me etc. to tell me how much they liked both than anything I've ever made (and, if you look at the recipes, you'll see that they are not fancy, I'm almost embarrassed by the red pepper dip ingredients). I won first place in the dessert category! And, I got to leave work the day before with the farewell of "Bye, y'all, off to buy bourbon!"


  1. I am obsessed with the memes of VP Biden...crack me up. I started watching Good Girls Revolt on Amazon and I love it. The Crown is next...

  2. The memes have cracked me up! So many good ones out there. And yes to The Crown! Apparently they are working on a Season 2, but I read somewhere (can't remember where now...#tiredmom) that Queen Elizabeth is less than pleased since she's so private. I really enjoyed Season 1 and the costumes and character portrayals were on point!


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