A Dream is Just a Dream

Last night I had another recurring dream. The specifics are always slightly different, but the gist is this: I have lost a ring. Sometimes it's an engagement ring (that I don't own IRL), a family heirloom ring (that doesn't exist), a ring I was holding for a friend (which I've done once?), or last night, some sort of ring with an engraved message. More than once (last night included) I have half-woken, gotten out bed, and stumbled over to my jewelry and moved rings around to see if the ring was there (spoiler: it never is because I DON'T OWN THE RING).

Of course, I turned to the interwebs to tell me what this dream means. And Dream Cloud told me this:

  • Losing a Ring meaning

    A lost ring may represent insecurity and fear about a relationship.
  • May suggest losing interest, trust or respect for the one who gave it to you.

I think we can cut the second meaning, because it's not a ring I actually own, thus there's not a giver to lose interest, trust, or respect in. 

So we're back at looking at insecurity and fear about a relationship. Thanks, Dream Cloud, now I feel insecure and fearful about ALL my relationships (what does my mailman think of me after I somehow was subscribed to both Better Homes & Gardens and InStyle?).

My other recurring dream, that has recurred for YEARS (and I'd really like it to stop, ok?) is this: I'm back in college and find out that it's finals/midterms/a good chunk of the way through a semester and I haven't been to a specific class once. Often, it's a class I didn't know I was enrolled in, once it was a class in a building I could never find (I know my alma mater has built lots of new buildings since I left, but it shouldn't be THAT hard to find a class), but the fear and panic I feel at knowing I've blown it, will fail an exam, etc. is REAL. 

Apparently these types of dreams are pretty common, and can mean lots of things. One of the reasons they can be so prevalent is that the memories we have from school age and adolescence can be some of the strongest memories we have, and this time is also crucial to the forming of self-identity, so it's very deep-rooted in our psyche. 

So, tell me I'm not crazy and other people have weird recurring dreams too. 

And, because I love this song:


  1. I have the class I didn't know I was enrolled in dream! Its either midterms and I haven't gone at all and have to try to fake it through OR it's later and I've received a final bad grade and I thought I dropped the class, or I didn't know I was taking it. Agh anxious just writing about it!

  2. I have the most bizarre dreams ever. Rob's comment after I tell him my dreams is "you are nuts." haha


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