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Friday Randoms

(Sidenote: I had and still have lots of emotions and feelins' about the election. Most of what I would say has already been said, and in person/via text/via phone/via GIF exchanges with my nearest and dearest. Some feelings and thoughts may sneak in here occasionally, but for the most part, I don't plan on addressing it in a public place. Now, back to a regularly scheduled programming).

I've had so many random thoughts that I've thought I need to share. so here's a round-up post of them:

1. There's a part of my commute where people treat a stop sign as a yield sign. A lane merges from a curve onto a parkway (where cars are going approx. 45 mph if the light ahead isn't red). The safest way for these cars to enter is to WAIT for a break in traffic or when the light is red, but they often pause oh-so-briefly at the stop sign and try to force their way in. Yesterday, I slowed down and waved a car in. And y'all, I felt like I deserved a MF-ing MEDAL for that…

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

The 2012 election came at a tumultuous time in my life. When I graduated from college in 2007, I'd always said I would move to DC within a few years. I loved this city and felt such a pull here. However, I got a great internship in Texas right after I graduated, which led to another internship where I was ultimately hired on full-time. The company was fantastic, I loved the work I was doing (I was that obnoxious friend who "loved her job"--my FIRST job, mind you). Then the recession hit, and we were all grateful to just have a job (and my company went through salary freezes and layoffs, so I felt doubly grateful to still have a spot).

At that point, it seemed crazy to upend my life and move across the country in such an era of uncertainty. I was too junior at my company to make a transfer to their DC office really seem valuable, and honestly the thought of moving probably scared me. I had wonderful friends in Dallas, family close by, and the dog I'd grown up with was…

A Dream is Just a Dream

Last night I had another recurring dream. The specifics are always slightly different, but the gist is this: I have lost a ring. Sometimes it's an engagement ring (that I don't own IRL), a family heirloom ring (that doesn't exist), a ring I was holding for a friend (which I've done once?), or last night, some sort of ring with an engraved message. More than once (last night included) I have half-woken, gotten out bed, and stumbled over to my jewelry and moved rings around to see if the ring was there (spoiler: it never is because I DON'T OWN THE RING).

Of course, I turned to the interwebs to tell me what this dream means. And Dream Cloud told me this:

Losing a Ring meaningA lost ring may represent insecurity and fear about a relationship.May suggest losing interest, trust or respect for the one who gave it to you.
I think we can cut the second meaning, because it's not a ring I actually own, thus there's not a giver to lose interest, trust, or respect in.