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My Favorite Podcasts, Pt. 1

I've been a podcast fan ever since my drive to DC back in 2013--nothing passes 22 hours on the road like listening to other people talk.

Lately, I've been stepping up my podcast game and have some recommendations, some from friends, and some that I've found on my own. This will be a few posts long, so come back for Part 2.

Fun and Entertainment:

My Dad Wrote a Porno: Imagine your dad, in retirement, writes an erotic novel which he self-publishes. So what do you do? Gather two friends and make a podcast where you read each chapter aloud and comment on it. Did I mention they're British?

The Baby-Sitters Club Club: I'm only a few episodes in on this one, but given my love of these slow recap podcasts (see The West Wing Weekly and Gilmore Guys), and the fact that this is one of my favorite book series, I'm predicting a good thing.

Sleep with Me: Ironic that I put this under Fun and Entertainment. Because the point of this podcast is to put you to sleep. It is neither f…

Emmy Catch-Up

It's no secret I love live awards shows, and the Emmy's are a favorite. I was especially impressed with this year's show--with Jimmy Kimmel as host (appropriately funny and not flashy, it's not his thing) and with the winners. Some thoughts on my favorites below:

I Watch Good TV:

So many of my favorite shows won awards this year. Veep winning for best comedy series after a strong season made me so happy, though I do think Julia Louis-Dreyfus needs to take her name out of contention now. She's won five Emmys for Veep alone, so let someone else be prom queen, ok?

Maggie Smith winning for Downton Abbey, while a bit overdone, was a lovely send-off for the show, even if she has never shown to accept her award. I still can't believe that show is over.

Game of Thrones winning for best drama was also well-deserved, this season was non-stop action and plot development and honestly one of the best seasons of the show.

The People vs. OJ Simpson was also a big winner for t…