Dog Days of Summer Catch-Up

I think it's been about 4 months since I've done one of these, so  might as well see what I'm up to this summer? I have to say, it's been the hottest summer since I moved to DC (though I do admit that my first three summers were pretty wimpy in terms of heat and humidity, so I had it coming), so much of my activities have been focused on staying cool and ultimately embracing frizzy hair.

What I'm drinking
It's my second summer of The Passport Program, which lets me try out new (to me) bars and save $$ on drinks. I've hit up lots of new spots and some old spots that I hadn't frequented in awhile (pro-tip: Kapnos has a fantastic happy hour and is never busy!! WHY?!?!). I've had struggles finding my go-to Shiner Ruby Redbird this year, so the Passport Program has been a good way to get out of a bar rut and support local businesses.

What I'm reminiscing about
For some reason, summer 2013 has been in my rearview mirror a lot lately. Perhaps because it was my first summer in DC, and I embraced it with gusto. Between trips I took and visitors I had, plus just general DC fun, it was a pretty great summer.

What I'm Loving
Where I am right now. There are so many good things happening in my life, from friends having kids and getting engaged, to spending time with people I love, to the slow pace of summer, to my church that continues to affirm why it's in my life, to having so many credit card points that I get to plan crazy trips (that I may or may not take).

Also, my new apartment. I've lived alone in the past, but it's my first time doing so in DC, and man is it great. I'm also in a quieter hood and close to friends, and really like the set-up of my place, so despite all my moving angst, and the money that one seems to hemorrhage when moving and setting up a new place, it's worth it.

What I've been up to
All the workouts. I joined ClassPass in July to try it out after many friends raved about it. Instead of a membership to one gym or studio, it's a membership to hundreds in your area, from yoga to spin to barre to HIIT, etc. The catch? You can only visit each studio three times a month. I like the cancellation policy--you must cancel 12 hours ahead of time or they charge you. It keeps me from sleeping through my alarm or getting home from work and deciding I'm too tired to go to spin. My favorite thing has been getting into hot yoga, which I love and hate. But I've tried out lots of new gyms and feel like I've helped combat SOME of the Passport Program effects :-)

What I'm Excited About
My usual answer--upcoming travel. I have a mix of work and fun trips coming up, including Labor Day in LA to celebrate a special lady's 30th birthday, and a return to one of my favorite cities--Vegas!

Oh, and also, my own birthday! It will be decidedly more low-key than last year's jaunt to Greece, but it's always nice to spend it with friends.

But let's not forget something that I get excited about every four years:

True story: I used to want my wedding processional to be the Olympic theme. My Olympics love knows no bounds. You have been warned. 

What I'm Dreading
My post-travel exhaustion. A total first-world problem, I know, but I had three trips in three weeks earlier this summer, and between the energy you need to travel, sleeping in hotel beds, time changes, and feeling like I'm missing out on life in DC, I was exhausted.

What I'm Watching
Not a whole lot right now as I've kicked Ballers to the curb, Royal Pains has ended (sob), and Playing House hasn't yet started. When will that be coming back, USA Network?!

What I'm Listening to
The West Wing Weekly podcast. Hosted by Josh Malina (Will Bailey on TWW) and Hrishi Hriway (who I was introduced to as a guest on Gilmore Guys), they talk about The West Wing, episode by episode. It's interesting to hear about the show from a fan and star of the show perspective, and they get some pretty stellar guests (Richard Schiff, Janel Maloney, Dule Hill). One gripe I have is that Josh Malina is not at all an expert on The West Wing, despite being on the show for four seasons. I do occasionally yell at the podcast when he gets something wrong, or something I've know about forever blows his mind.

What I'm Reading
I finally got back into reading! However, I'm in between books at the moment, but have a few on my to-read list, and need to renew my library card post-haste (apparently in DC they expire after three years?!? Stupid). Any recommendations to add to the list?

What I'm doing this weekend
Well, it's Monday. Can I say I haven't given it a ton of thought? Though, some friends and I are going to a food truck festival of sorts (it has more specifics than that, but I do, in a deep corner of my mind, try to restrain from too many identifying details about my life and wherabouts because you know #crazypeople #stalkers). Other than that, probably passporting.