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Dog Days of Summer Catch-Up

I think it's been about 4 months since I've done one of these, so  might as well see what I'm up to this summer? I have to say, it's been the hottest summer since I moved to DC (though I do admit that my first three summers were pretty wimpy in terms of heat and humidity, so I had it coming), so much of my activities have been focused on staying cool and ultimately embracing frizzy hair.

What I'm drinking
It's my second summer of The Passport Program, which lets me try out new (to me) bars and save $$ on drinks. I've hit up lots of new spots and some old spots that I hadn't frequented in awhile (pro-tip: Kapnos has a fantastic happy hour and is never busy!! WHY?!?!). I've had struggles finding my go-to Shiner Ruby Redbird this year, so the Passport Program has been a good way to get out of a bar rut and support local businesses.

What I'm reminiscing about
For some reason, summer 2013 has been in my rearview mirror a lot lately. Perhaps because it…