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Summer TV, How I Love Thee

I posted to the Twitters recently that summer travels make it really hard to keep up with all the TV I want to watch in the summer (first world problems, amiright?!). Then I got a request to write a blog post about summer TV, so here we are.

Now, summer TV to me means both shows that are only on in the summer, as well as a time when I catch up on shows from the regular season that I missed. Below are the highlights:

Summer Season Shows

Royal Pains: This is the show that's currently on TV that I've been watching the longest. I started watching it in 2009 (its first season) when I would go to the gym Saturday mornings and it would be on TV. It's hard to believe that was seven years ago, but this show kept me coming back each summer (and occasionally in the winter when they'd have a 5-episode winter season). The premise, a doctor from Brooklyn opens a concierge medical business in the Hamptons, expanded as the series went on and more characters joined the show over the past…