Oh Yeah, Resolutions

As we're halfway through the year, I thought I'd check in the old New Year's Resolutions and see how things were shaking out. If you don't recall, here's what my goals were in January:

--Run 400 miles (roughly 8 a week). If I manage a half-marathon, this should take care of itself, but still, I want to keep running regularly. 
--Take two classes. I took ballroom dance this fall and really liked it. I may take another dance class, but also want to look into learning French. 
--Learn to meditate (I have an app that will teach me, I just need to remember to do it)
--Take yoga once a week
--FINALLY make photobooks for all the photos I've taken since college *gulp*

Well . . . things are going ok. 

In terms of running, that pesky pneumonia I got in January sidelined me for half that month and most of February in terms of heavy cardio activity (the whole diminished lung capacity and exhaustion thing). And then I got more into other workouts and running just didn't seem as fun. So, I've run 52 miles this year (whomp whomp). But, I plan to run a half-marathon this fall, so hopefully that plus the training will get me close to the 200 mile mark. Thanks a lot, pneumonia.

Take two classes: This also hasn't started yet, but I am likely going to take a dance class this summer. Stay tuned as to what that might be.

Learn to meditate. I've stuck with this off and on a bit. I've done some 5-minute meditations and have used those skills when stressed or having trouble falling asleep. But I still need to actually stick with it.

Yoga. Yeah, this has really fallen by the wayside. My gym's yoga schedule does not match up with mine (or rather, the easy, beginner yoga schedule does not match up with mine haha). But next month I'm trying out Class Pass and hope to hit up some yoga studios by my house.

Photobooks: SUCCESS. I think I've made three photobooks this year, and done a lot of picture organizing. I still have many more to make. but still, I feel like this was a good start.

Well, this was a sobering reminder that I need to GET ON IT in terms of resolutions. So, hopefully my December update is much better, haha. 


  1. I just ordered a ton of pics from Shutterfly. I should just do photo books, but there's something about have the pictures that I love.


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