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Oh Yeah, Resolutions

As we're halfway through the year, I thought I'd check in the old New Year's Resolutions and see how things were shaking out. If you don't recall, here's what my goals were in January:

--Run 400 miles (roughly 8 a week). If I manage a half-marathon, this should take care of itself, but still, I want to keep running regularly.  --Take two classes. I took ballroom dance this fall and really liked it. I may take another dance class, but also want to look into learning French.  --Learn to meditate (I have an app that will teach me, I just need to remember to do it) --Take yoga once a week --FINALLY make photobooks for all the photos I've taken since college *gulp*

Well . . . things are going ok. 
In terms of running, that pesky pneumonia I got in January sidelined me for half that month and most of February in terms of heavy cardio activity (the whole diminished lung capacity and exhaustion thing). And then I got more into other workouts and running just didn't…