A Farewell to The Good Wife

I started watching The Good Wife in August 2014, binging on Amazon Prime. I finally caught up in the spring of 2015 and started watching in real time. And, I seemed to join the real time episodes just as they were going downhill.

But overall, The Good Wife is one of the strongest dramas of the last ten years. Aside from Walter White on Breaking Bad, I don't know if we've seen a main character develop and change as much as Alicia Florrick has. I learned so much about the legal world (I feel like if I ever get arrested, I will know what I can and can't say and how I should answer questions), and became the biggest fan girl for Alan Cummings (playing Eli Gold). I even like Matt Czuchry's Gilmore Girls character, Logan Huntzberger, more because of his TGW character, Cary Agos. Seriously, when I watch Logan episodes of GG, I think "he's a great guy because he'll grow up to be Cary Agos."

However, my TV critic soul mate, James Poniewozik (formerly of TIME and now with the NY Times) has said it best (of course he did, because we are the same person when it comes to TV):

Note: This contains spoilers for the later seasons, so don't read it if you're not on the current season.

‘The Good Wife’: A Broadcast Gem Fades Away

So I'll say goodbye to Lockhart Gardner/Florrick Agos/Lockhart Agos and Lee/Lockhart Florrick/Lockhard Gardner Bond (haha, oh  man, that was a crazy partnership), and the dream of Florrick Canning. But I'm sure I'll think of them the next time I face legal trouble.