Friday Five

Plans for longer, newsier posts have gone by the wayside, but here are five things I'm a fan of this week:

1. Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday. If anything, so we could get these photos:

How cute is Prince George? And, apparently all of their faces will appear on stamps, so the photographer had to ensure that their heads were all at the same height and not too close to each other for stamp cropping purposes. 

This makes the Queen look so normal, in my opinion. Just hanging out with the grands and great-grands!

2. This article about Soul Cycle. I've been to Soul Cycle here in DC a few times (for free, I am not paying $35 for a spin class, thankyouverymuch), and really don't understand the fuss. Having gone to spin class off and on since college, I feel like Soul Cycle classes are dangerous (you never add resistance and bounce all over the place) and really just about artistic performance (I had more than one instructor either dance in between bikes or take their shirt off and pour a water bottle over themselves). I'll stick to my regular spin class, thanks!

3. Seeing Fun Home: I am a sucker for live theater, and while in NYC last week for work, I ended up with a free night and took myself to the TKTS booth (where they sell half-priced tickets to shows). Walked away with a front row seat to Fun Home which won the Tony for Best Musical last year. Not your typical Broadway spectacle, it's a very intimate show, really a drama that has the occasional musical piece, but very little dancing. The theater is in the round, and set pieces are constantly being moved by the actors to portray different locations. I can't say you're going to be singing any of the songs when you leave, but it's beautiful and heartbreaking. 

4. Baseball!! Despite the rain on Opening Day (Which I attended!), I'm super excited for baseball season. America's pasttime is perhaps my favorite sport to watch in-person, mainly because I don't care who's playing, I just enjoy the game. Going to a game tonight!

5. Impulse buys at Sephora. While in NYC I popped into the Time Warner Center to hit up their Sephora and buy a replacement lip pencil. Next thing I know, I'm by checkout counter and pick up MakeUp Forever's Translucent Powder in travel size and Clinique Eye Make-Up Remover in Travel Size (I feel like regular makeup wipes never remove my eye makeup and when I travel its all I bring). Both of these things have been great additions to my Adult Makeup Bag.


  1. Not a fan of Soul Cycle at all. I mean, who wants to work out i the dark with candles lit? I just find it odd. A girl I used to be good friends with is an instructor and knowing her personality, it's not surprising.


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