Early Spring Check-In

When will I stop saying "time is flying" and just accept that this is the pace life moves now? I was thinking I could blame the first part of the year passing so fast on getting pneumonia and feeling like I missed three weeks of life (which I kind of did).

But, with spring around the corner, figured it was time to do a check-in as to what's going on around these parts . . .

What I'm Drinking:

Still staying away from coffee for the most part (despite a few times of falling off the wagon post-pneumonia and traveling). Enjoyed lots of dark beers in the winter and all the red wine. Now making a slow transition to white wine (a switch flips for me come April and spring weather, and red wine sounds terrible and white wine sounds like the most delicious thing ever). Good times.

What I'm Reminiscing About:

College spring break. Facebook likes to remind me that nine years ago this month, I went to Destin with a group of friends. It was your stereotypical college spring break. We drove 10 hours, starting at 6 a.m., bought cheap booze at Wal-Mart, frolicked drunkenly in the surf, went to various clubs and bars, I ran into a guy I went to high school with, ate lots of seafood, rented a boat, shopped at outlets, and made memories that still make me smile (and cringe) at the ripe old age of 30.

What I'm Loving:

A few things . . . like being done with my Junior League placement for the year, which means I have many of my nights and weekends back. My placement is concentrated in February and March, so while I'm free for the rest of the year, I have a lot to do in those months, culminating in a weekend-long event in mid-March. Also, buying spring clothes. Ever since I KonMari-ed my closet last year, I'm feeling a lot more confident about what I like and don't like, and what I actually need in my closet. So I feel like I've made some good choices, and am pretty cutthroat about what I actually like.

What I've Been Up to:

The aforementioned Junior League volunteer shifts. When I started out on this committee, where many of the people have served on the committee before and are all friends, I thought "I likely won't become close to anyone and will just do my shifts and leave and no one will learn my name," (not in a whiny way, but in a "I'll just punch my card and get this done" way). Well, spending so much time with the same group of people in less than glamorous conditions (sorting donated items) and then finally dressing up at the end for the big event, well, it felt a lot like sorority rush, and you're all friends because you've seen each other bleary-eyed on a Saturday morning, wearing workout clothes and no make-up, and bonded over the crazy s**t that was donated (like a bedpan. A BEDPAN).

I also spent a rejuvenating weekend in Houston in early March, visiting two of the new babies born in the past few months to friends of mine. While I did forget to pack any pants for this trip, resulting in an early-morning trip to Old Navy, I had a wonderful time holding babies, feeding babies, playing lawn crew with a 2 year-old, eating delicious food, catching up with friends, and just enjoying life. I get so much joy out of seeing friends enter new life stages, and sharing in their joy.

What I'm Dreading:

After three years in the same apartment, I'm moving to a new place in the next few months. And I HATE moving. I'm trying to figure out how to do this in the least painful way. Taking recommendations!

What I'm Excited About:

I feel like this is always the case as I look back on past updates, but, upcoming trips! I head to Nashville this weekend for sorority Little's 30th birthday, and am going there a day early to visit my college roommate and her family. So excited for all the friend time and to explore more of a city I really like.

What I'm Watching:

I'm finally catching up on season 4 (4? 5?) of House of Cards, and it's picked up in the last few episodes so I feel like I can power through it. Younger just finished it's second season and I CAN NOT WAIT for the next season (does anyone know when it will be back?).

What I'm Listening To:

A new song discovery for me (perhaps two weeks before it hit radio play, so I feel like a trend-setter) is Borns "Electric Love". This song is so dang catchy and makes me all happy. So, listen to it, ok?

What I'm Reading:

Well, still reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and need to renew my check-out of Dead Wake from the library. Though, the current issue of Texas Monthly is all about guns and the place they have in the culture of Texas, and it's phenomenal and taking up most of my reading time. If any of the articles are online, I recommend reading them.

What I'm Doing This Weekend:

The aforementioned Nashville trip. This has been on the calendar since November, and I love that close to 20 people find a person so dear to them that they will travel (most are flying, some are driving long hours) to celebrate her for the weekend. Memories will be made, inside jokes will be created, and we'll all leave tired but happy.


  1. College Spring Breaks were always a mess...a blast, but messy! Have so much fun in Nashville!! And moving is no fun. Good luck.

  2. Talk to me about KonMari. I'm about 37th in line for the copy at my library... should I just suck it up and buy it already? Do you love it? I'm already obsessed with purging all the things, maybe I don't need it? Help!


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