That Pesky Pneumonia

I started typing a post about the blizzard, also known as the sickest I've been in my adult life, and it ended up being 3 pages long. So, I'm going to spare you that and the summary is below.

When people ask what my first blizzard was like, I'll tell them I don't really know because I spent five days coughing and cycling a fever (that only got higher with each day), and didn't leave my apartment. The kicker? All doctors and urgent cares were closed. Which is how, the Monday after 18 inches fell (Saturday), I called myself an Uber and went to the fancy hospital in DC (mainly because it's not public transit accessible and I thought it would be the least crowded ER).

Three hours, one chest x-ray, lots of bloodwork, and an IV later (sidenote: have you ever tried to go to the bathroom while hooked up to an IV? Let me just say that keeping track of your IV pole and not ripping the IV out of your arm means you can really only use one arm, and its hard to pull your pants up with one hand), I leave with a diagnosis of pneumonia, and prescriptions for a hearty antibiotic, codeine cough medicine, and a fond farewell from my ER nurse who called me a very cooperative patient.

So what does pneumonia recovery look like?
--Drinking all the ginger ale. As in, I never want to see it again (and I used to love this drink)

--Ordering a pepperoni pizza because, well, you’ve lost 5 lbs due to having no appetite and suddenly this sounds AMAZING

--watching everything on your DVR and Netflix. Everything. There is nothing left.

--Being drop-dead tired, and exhausted by the LITTLEST things. Sorting laundry? Need to sit down and catch my breath. Showering? I still do it (ew), but it takes longer because every step seems to take longer and exhaust me more.

--Having the nicest friends who stop by with the best gift, conversation. I was set on food and beverages, but man, I missed talking to people.

--Agreeing to go on a cabin weekend you helped plan, but spend most of the time lying on a couch, going to bed early, and drinking said ginger ale (I had fun! Just not my most party-hardy weekend).

--Having friends patiently explain to other drunk friends why you’re asleep and not skinny-dipping in the hot tub with everyone else

--Think about going to the gym, think that even the walk to the gym sounds like traversing the Oregon Trail. Continue to watch TV and movies.

--Washing all your bedding, even the shams for random throw pillows because #germs

--Creating a photobook that is, um, interesting. And missing a few things. But it makes me laugh. 

--pulling muscles on both sides of your ribs due to coughing. Learning that the only way you can cough without pain is to clutch both your sides and bend over so you’re coughing into the floor (#germs). Then, as they start to heal, re-pull a muscle on one side (due to the weakest little cough ever), resulting in little mobility and pain when you do the slightest thing (like checking your blind spot while driving, I almost cried)

--get, on average, 10 hours of sleep a night because your body needs it and accepts it willingly. No insomnia. No waking up in the night. Just blissful sleep.

Happy to say I'm fully recovered now. And I wish pneumonia on no one, ever. Stay healthy, folks!


  1. Ugh. I am so sorry! Two weeks ago my sister came down with double pneumonia in Mexico. On the Friday before they were supposed to leave the was in the ER and had to stay there for 4 days because they wouldn't let her fly. She is still recovering, but at home thankfully! Glad you are feeling better. Not gonna lie...the 5 lbs and blissful sleep sounds wonderful ;)

    1. That is a nightmare! Glad to hear she's back and recovering, there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed when you're sick.

  2. Did the pink flower pillow get washed, or just majorly sprayed with lysol? I'm so glad you're feeling better!

    1. The flowered pillow lives in Dallas, so it escaped the full Silkwood my other bedding got.

  3. I have never had pneumonia, but I know some people that have battled it. It really takes a toll on your body. I hope that you recovery quickly from this terrible illness. I am glad that you have people who can take care of you. Take good care of yourself!


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