Prayers Answered

Ok, that title is a little disrespectful, perhaps it should be "a wish granted". Because, I'm talking about The Good Wife ending after this season, which was announced in a commercial during the Super Bowl last night.

So, if you don't watch The Good Wife you may not know this, but in the first season, the episode titles were one word. In the second season, they were two. Third season? Three words long! You know where this is going, right? We're in season 7 so they're seven words long? NOPE. After the fourth season, the pattern reversed, and season 5's episodes were three words long, season 6's were two words, and season 7--one word. The creators are on the record as having said their dream was seven seasons, and they didn't want to do any more. So, the writing has been on the wall since, well, at least season 5 (which has the heartbreaking episode, "Dramatics, Your Honor", which is how I know Season 5 is when Everything Changed).

But, this season has been kind of TERRIBLE. As in, each week I wonder why I still watch this show (because, I love Alan Cumming's character, and I can't give up on a show I've invested so much time in). Just last week, I was telling my friend, C, how this needs to be the last season, the storylines are so boring and they keep ending storylines before they really get going.

So, this Super Bowl ad was perhaps one of my favorites. I yelled out "YESSSSS!!!" and tried to get everyone else excited. They were not as no one else watches that show, but still. The Good Wife, we've had a great run, but it's time to leave the party.


  1. I stopped watching it last year, but now with the last season I want to see what happens!


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