Things I'm Loving

Thought Thursdays might be a good time to share things I'm loving. Whether it be a TV show or product, just a chance for me to geek out over things I'm currently obsessed with.

So the inaugural entry: Jane the Virgin.

This came highly recommended from a friend who's opinion I usually agree with, and then two podcasts I listen to were raving about it. So . . . I figured I'd give it a shot for a few episodes. 

Well, a few episodes quickly turned into seven. And all of a sudden I was done with the first season. In a week. These are 42 minute episodes (in my defense, I started this on New Year's Eve Day, I think, so I was home for a few days). 

This show is, as one podcast describes it, Parks and Rec with more murder. And that's so true. The characters can both drive you crazy and endear you endlessly, all at the same time. 

The premise: Jane, a 23-year-old student, is inseminated by her OBGYN (who's having a bad day) rather than given a routine pap smear. The doc was supposed to inseminate her sister-in-law with the last remaining sample of her brother's sperm, post-cancer treatment. Whoops!

Be warned, this show is a telenovela, and thus has about 12 story lines happening at once and is not above murder, kidnapping, crime lords, identical twin switcheroos, and mean stepsisters. But I have not enjoyed a show as much as I enjoy this one, complete with gasping out loud during episodes and yelling "whoa!" many times (I've joked that a good picture-in-picture idea is watching me watch Jane the Virgin). 

The first season is on Netflix, the first three episodes of season 2 are available for rent on Amazon, and the most recent episodes are on Hulu. The show comes back January 25. Get to it!!