Things I Love Thursday: Carpool Karaoke

Have you ever wanted to see singers in their natural form? Just hanging out, jamming to some tunes?

Enter James Corden and his carpool karaoke. James Corden took over from Craig Ferguson as the host of The Late Late Show. You may know him from Begin Again, Into the Woods, and this movie (which I saw a ton of previews for but never saw).

The premise of this sketch is James Corden driving around Hollywood with various singers, singing along to their songs and other songs. Sometimes they run errands, sometimes they take a break to learn a dance, but every segment leaves me liking the performer more and feeling like I got to see a bit of their personality.

Also, this made me think Justin Bieber might be ok. Yeah. Big moves.

Some goodies to get you started:

Her ordering at Astro Burger kills me. 

Clothes shopping, and the paparazzi moment is the best. 

James Corden CRIES!!

I just want to be friends with her. 

The first one I saw, and love him even more because he's a classically trained opera singer!