A Milestone Year by the Numbers

2015 had a lot of hype. It was, after all, #Year30 and being celebrated with #Year30Travels, and in a year when many other friends were also celebrating their milestone birthdays too. It was also the beginning of the third year since I made my move to this fair city, when I started the third job I've had since college, so it was a year of threes (oooh, numerologists would have a field day with that!)

But let's do a bit of a recap of the year, k?

Number of flights taken: 35 (ok, this might be the most I've ever taken in a year, I was surprised by this)
Number of flights without TSA pre-check: 1 (Icelandair)
Number of countries visited: 3 (Iceland and Greece, and an unplanned stopover in London on the way to Greece)
Number of suitcases lost: 1 (when I described it as being purple with a "red Gryffindor luggage tag, you know, Harry's house in Harry Potter", I'm sure I won some points with the luggage agent)
Number of suitcases found: 1!!!
Number of flights in first class: 1 (my flight back to DC on Wednesday. It was heavenly)
Number of cities visited: 13

Friends and Family:
4 weddings attended
2 babies born
5 babies expected in 2016
2 new traveling companions added to the list (which is a tough list to make)

12 books read
1 new cooking skill learned (Egg poaching!)
1 new job
1 more half-marathon
An infinite amount of dates (at some point I will write a post about my online dating escapades, because, lord, they are entertaining)

Best . . . .:
Book: The Martian
Movie: Star Wars (guys, I loved it)
TV Show: UnReal/Playing House/Veep/Downton Abbey
Day: August 23--baby pandas born at the National Zoo and I spent the day sailing around Santorini with a great group of ladies
Meal: La Maison, Santorini (my birthday dinner!)
Song: Hold My Hand--Jess Glynn

So, 2016, let's see what you have in store.


  1. I LOVE playing house. I watched it all on demand, so is it over now? coming back? what's the situation?
    Excited to live in your city in just 10 days!

  2. Bad online dates are the worst, but always make the best stories!

    5 babies! Wow!!!

    1. I haven't had terrible dates, but the messages I get, wow. The dates have been mediocre for the most part, haha.


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