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Things I Love Thursday: Carpool Karaoke

Have you ever wanted to see singers in their natural form? Just hanging out, jamming to some tunes?

Enter James Corden and his carpool karaoke. James Corden took over from Craig Ferguson as the host of The Late Late Show. You may know him from Begin Again, Into the Woods, and this movie (which I saw a ton of previews for but never saw).

The premise of this sketch is James Corden driving around Hollywood with various singers, singing along to their songs and other songs. Sometimes they run errands, sometimes they take a break to learn a dance, but every segment leaves me liking the performer more and feeling like I got to see a bit of their personality.

Also, this made me think Justin Bieber might be ok. Yeah. Big moves.

Some goodies to get you started:

Her ordering at Astro Burger kills me. 

Clothes shopping, and the paparazzi moment is the best. 

James Corden CRIES!!

I just want to be friends with her. 

The first one I saw, and love him even more because he's a classically traine…

Things I'm Loving

Thought Thursdays might be a good time to share things I'm loving. Whether it be a TV show or product, just a chance for me to geek out over things I'm currently obsessed with.

So the inaugural entry: Jane the Virgin.

This came highly recommended from a friend who's opinion I usually agree with, and then two podcasts I listen to were raving about it. So . . . I figured I'd give it a shot for a few episodes. 
Well, a few episodes quickly turned into seven. And all of a sudden I was done with the first season. In a week. These are 42 minute episodes (in my defense, I started this on New Year's Eve Day, I think, so I was home for a few days). 
This show is, as one podcast describes it, Parks and Rec with more murder. And that's so true. The characters can both drive you crazy and endear you endlessly, all at the same time. 
The premise: Jane, a 23-year-old student, is inseminated by her OBGYN (who's having a bad day) rather than given a routine pap smear. The …

Those 2016 Goals

In 2014, I decided I was going to read 50 books. It was the "big" resolution that loomed over me all year. I couldn't tell you what else I did that year in terms of resolutions that year, or last year, for that matter.

I feel like I always end up forgetting what my resolutions are, or some of them are a little too personal for me to share on a blog.

I read this article about habits to break and what to replace them with:

22 Things To Stop Doing In 2016 (And 22 Things To Start Doing Instead) A few goals for this year:
--Run 400 miles (roughly 8 a week). If I manage a half-marathon, this should take care of itself, but still, I want to keep running regularly.  --Take two classes. I took ballroom dance this fall and really liked it. I may take another dance class, but also want to look into learning French.  --Learn to meditate (I have an app that will teach me, I just need to remember to do it) --Take yoga once a week
--FINALLY make photobooks for all the photos I've ta…

A Milestone Year by the Numbers

2015 had a lot of hype. It was, after all, #Year30 and being celebrated with #Year30Travels, and in a year when many other friends were also celebrating their milestone birthdays too. It was also the beginning of the third year since I made my move to this fair city, when I started the third job I've had since college, so it was a year of threes (oooh, numerologists would have a field day with that!)

But let's do a bit of a recap of the year, k?

Number of flights taken: 35 (ok, this might be the most I've ever taken in a year, I was surprised by this)
Number of flights without TSA pre-check: 1 (Icelandair)
Number of countries visited: 3 (Iceland and Greece, and an unplanned stopover in London on the way to Greece)
Number of suitcases lost: 1 (when I described it as being purple with a "red Gryffindor luggage tag, you know, Harry's house in Harry Potter", I'm sure I won some points with the luggage agent)
Number of suitcases found: 1!!!
Number of fl…